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Scott Hines is an award-winning consumer investigative reporter with Oklahoma’s News Channel 4. You can watch his “In Your Corner” segments weeknights on NewsChannel 4 at 10 p.m. Scott joined KFOR-TV as a general assignment reporter in July of 2004. He was named Brad Edwards’ successor in 2007 and continues to carry on Brad’s legacy of helping Oklahomans in need.

Scott began his career at the FOX affiliate, WDSI, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a reporter there, he covered many stories that gained national exposure. Among them was the Brent Marsh Crematory trial where authorities found hundreds of bodies that were meant for cremation. Scott also served as the number three sports reporter and anchor at the station, covering college basketball and football in the Tennessee Valley.

Since arriving at KFOR, he has dared to go “Behind Kitchen Doors,” going undercover to expose the dirtiest as well as the best eating establishments in Oklahoma. He’s also exposed the dirtiest metro hotels and daycares.

Today, Scott has picked up right where Brad left off, carrying the torch of consumer activism.

Scott’s investigations are entirely consumer driven. He’s gone dumpster diving, a phrase Brad helped coin, in a special “In Your Corner” investigation, where he exposed a number of Oklahoma businesses and state offices that were disposing of important customer and employee information without destroying it first.

Besides his hard hitting investigations, Scott spends most of his time sticking up for the little guy, whether he’s chasing down a business owner who’s defrauded their customers or warning consumers about the latest scam circulating the state. Scott has helped reunite a disabled US war veteran with his family.

He’s helped an Oklahoma City woman renew her passport, proving she’s a US citizen, after the government tried to convince her she was an illegal alien. He’s also helped state and federal authorities put several Oklahoma contractors behind bars, after they cheated customers to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Scott absolutely loves his job and the platform it gives him to make a positive impact on his community. He’s danced for a Miracle, even winning a charity ballroom dance competition, which benefited Oklahoma’s sick kids. Scott’s spearheaded a boxed fan drive for the Salvation Army. He’s collected presents for our state’s foster children, so they could experience Christmas. Scott currently serves on several area boards, including March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, and AIDS Walk of Oklahoma City.

Scott is a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he majored in broadcast journalism and minored in speech communications.

He grew up in the South and Midwest before finding his way to Edmond, Oklahoma. When Scott’s not working, you can find him volunteering, coordinating a charity event, in the gym, watching sports, on a yoga mat, playing competitive softball, or hanging out with friends and family.

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