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  • Courtesy CNN

    Jogger survives bear attack

    A jogging woman survived a bear attack today at an Air Force base in Alaska. The woman was jogging along a popular route when she turned a corner to find a brown bear sow and two cubs. The bear took a defensive pose and mauled the woman, who declined to be identified. The bear clawed her arms, legs, neck and torso before it left. The woman walked uphill towards a populated area until she was spotted and taken to the […]

  • DirecTV

    DirecTV sale to AT&T could pass savings on to customer

    Two communication giants will combine soon — but will customers benefit? AT&T announced its plan to buy DirecTV Sunday. The $48.5 billion deal is pending shareholder and regulatory approval. If the sale goes through, customers could see more bundling opportunities. In many cases, bundling takes $5 to $10 off a monthly bill. Only about a third of DirecTV customers also use AT&T. The rest of those DirecTV customers could get special offers if they switch to AT&T, said Kirk Parsons, senior director […]

  • Courtesy CNN

    Former student calls in fake bomb threats so family won’t find out she didn’t graduate

    A Massachusetts woman called in fake bomb threats Sunday in an attempt to keep her family from discovering she had dropped out of school and wouldn’t be graduating. Danielle Shea was a student at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. until 2012. Her family thought she was still enrolled and would be graduating on Sunday. When Shea’s mother noticed her daughter’s name wasn’t on the graduation program, Shea panicked and called in a bomb threat to cancel graduation, police said. Shea […]

  • Found engagement ring

    Tiffany engagement ring lost in the ocean, returned a year later

    A treasure hunter who found a Tiffany engagement ring in the ocean returned it to its owner, almost a year after it was lost. Eric and Courtney Vidrine were wading in the ocean at Jacksonville Beach in June when the diamond ring fell off her finger. They searched, but it was gone forever — or so they thought. A few days ago David Sielaff was out on the beach with his metal detector. He thought he’d found a fishing sinker, […]

  • Courtesy CNN

    Big Bones: Dinosaurs discovered in Argentina may be largest ever

    Paleontologists in Argentina unveiled on Saturday what may be the biggest dinosaur to ever have lived. Scientists estimate the titanosaur was 130 feet long — the size of two tractor-trailers lined up front to back. It weighed about 180,000 pounds — the same as 14 elephants. Titanosaurs were herbivores that lived about 95 million years ago. These fossils were discovered in a remote part of Argentina beginning in 2011. Scientists found about 200 fossils grouped together, what the museum calls […]

  • Macklemore Grammys

    Rapper Macklemore criticized for stereotypical costume

    A rapper known for encouraging acceptance in the hip-hop industry is facing criticism for performing in a costume that some say mocks Jewish stereotypes. At a concert in Seattle on Friday, Macklemore performed wearing a large prosthetic nose, a dark wig and a fake beard, according to the Huffington Post. Macklemore said in a tweet he chose random elements for his costume and did not mean to stereotype anyone, but he drew heavy criticism on Twitter. Comedian Seth Rogen responded […]

  • sprint

    “Do Not Call” violations cost Sprint big

    Sprint is facing the biggest fine yet for ignoring customers’ “Do Not Call” requests. The Federal Communications Commission announced Monday that the wireless carrier will pay a $7.5 million dollar fine, set up a compliance program and send reports to regulators for the next two years. Sprint continued to send promotional text messages and phone calls to customers who opted out of the campaigns. This is the biggest fine for a “Do Not Call” case yet, but with Sprint bringing in over […]

  • 9/11 Memorial Museum

    Controversial 9/11 memorial gift shop opens this week

    Families of some 9/11 victims are upset that a gift shop is included in the new memorial museum. The gift shop will open to the public Wednesday at the National September 11 Memorial Museum. It will sell books about the attack and the building of the memorial, FDNY clothing and search and rescue stuffed animals. The president of the museum defends the gift shop, saying it’s in a respectful space and will help offset costs of operating the memorial. “To […]

  • Measles

    New study encourages early vaccination for measles

    Some parents worry that too many vaccinations too close together can affect their child’s health, but a new study finds no link between vaccine schedules and seizures. The study by Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Research Colorado examines the timing of vaccines and seizures. Dr. Simon Hambidge, lead author of the study, said some parents think a child’s immune system isn’t strong enough for multiple vaccines. “There is no scientific evidence for this, and there is evidence that it is […]

  • Jill Abramson

    New York Times and former editor speak about dismissal

    Both parties have broken their silence about the removal of Jill Abramson as executive editor of the New York Times. After initial reports that Abramson was fired because she spoke out about being paid less than her male predecessor, the publisher of the New York Times spoke publicly about her dismissal. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said in a statement on Saturday that Abramson’s “pay package,” including salary and stock options, was comparable with Bill Keller’s, who held the job before Abramson. […]

  • Girl asks Biden to prom, he sends corsage

    Teen gets prom surprise from Vice President Joe Biden

    A high school senior from Newington, Connecticut didn’t expect a response when she invited Joe Biden to her prom months ago, but last week she got quite the surprise. He didn’t take Talia Maselli to the dance, but he did send a corsage — with red, white and blue flowers. Maselli said she addressed her letter to “Mr. Vice President; Man of Many Chuckles.” In that letter, she said that if Biden turned her down, House Speaker John Boehner would […]