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  • Lee_Rayvon

    Update: Police seeking clues to crime after body found near apartment complex

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities are searching for clues after a man’s body was found near an Oklahoma City apartment complex Friday night. Around 10:40 p.m. on Friday, police were called to investigate a body found near N.W. 50th St. and Willow Cliff Rd. According to Lt. Gamille Hardin, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, investigators found a man’s body lying face down with a gunshot wound. Officials say 22-year-old Rayvon Lee was pronounced dead at the scene. At this time, […]

  • LoganCountymugs

    Deputy ‘very lucky’ after a bullet goes through his window

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – A Logan County deputy was narrowly missed when a bullet came flying through his windshield Sunday night. Deputies say the suspects were out shooting a “Mini 14,” a rifle they say is similar to an AR-15. Deputy Chief Rich Stephens said, “It’s extremely fortunate, a .223, AR 15 type rifle bullet coming at him and could probably easily go through his vest.” Instead the bullet lodged in the deputy’s car. He saw the five suspects just ahead. […]

  • 53rd st fire3

    UPDATE: Fire crews working to contain second story complex fire in south OKC

    UPDATE: Several families without a home today after an apartment building went up in flames in SE Oklahoma City. It happened at the Madison Village Apartments near SE 53rd and Sunnylane. Officials are still investigating what ignited the flames. Resident Debbie Pettit says, “I lost everything I got so where am I going to go? I don’t have nothing now I don’t know where I’m going.” Pettit’s family friend, Cameron Samuels, was visiting  when they heard an explosion and then a knock […]

  • sante fe homicide2

    UPDATE: Man’s body found inside Oklahoma City business identified

    UPDATE: The victim has been identified as 55-year-old Timothy Farrell. We’re told he had befriended the business owner and would sleep inside the business at night. At this time, officials are investigating the case as a homicide. So far, no arrests have been made. OKLAHOMA CITY – A homicide investigation is underway after a body was found with a large amount of blood at an Oklahoma City business. Emergency crews responded shortly before 8 a.m. to the 2200 block of S. Santa Fe. Fire crews […]

  • police

    UPDATE: One in custody after breaking into the wrong building

    UPDATE: The suspect is expected to be charged with trespassing, according to police. They believe that the suspect simply meant to trespass, not to take any property. The investigation is ongoing. OKLAHOMA CITY – An unsuspecting thief broke into the wrong building Saturday morning. The break in landed him on the ground at gunpoint, said officials. Around 9:05 a.m. police received a call of an attempted break in near the Broadway Extension and West Hefner Road. Turns out, the thief had attempted to break into […]

  • Courtesy CNN

    Jogger survives bear attack

    A jogging woman survived a bear attack today at an Air Force base in Alaska. The woman was jogging along a popular route when she turned a corner to find a brown bear sow and two cubs. The bear took a defensive pose and mauled the woman, who declined to be identified. The bear clawed her arms, legs, neck and torso before it left. The woman walked uphill towards a populated area until she was spotted and taken to the […]

  • DirecTV  direct tv

    DirecTV sale to AT&T could pass savings on to customer

    Two communication giants will combine soon — but will customers benefit? AT&T announced its plan to buy DirecTV Sunday. The $48.5 billion deal is pending shareholder and regulatory approval. If the sale goes through, customers could see more bundling opportunities. In many cases, bundling takes $5 to $10 off a monthly bill. Only about a third of DirecTV customers also use AT&T. The rest of those DirecTV customers could get special offers if they switch to AT&T, said Kirk Parsons, senior director […]

  • Courtesy CNN

    Former student calls in fake bomb threats so family won’t find out she didn’t graduate

    A Massachusetts woman called in fake bomb threats Sunday in an attempt to keep her family from discovering she had dropped out of school and wouldn’t be graduating. Danielle Shea was a student at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. until 2012. Her family thought she was still enrolled and would be graduating on Sunday. When Shea’s mother noticed her daughter’s name wasn’t on the graduation program, Shea panicked and called in a bomb threat to cancel graduation, police said. Shea […]

  • Found engagement ring

    Tiffany engagement ring lost in the ocean, returned a year later

    A treasure hunter who found a Tiffany engagement ring in the ocean returned it to its owner, almost a year after it was lost. Eric and Courtney Vidrine were wading in the ocean at Jacksonville Beach in June when the diamond ring fell off her finger. They searched, but it was gone forever — or so they thought. A few days ago David Sielaff was out on the beach with his metal detector. He thought he’d found a fishing sinker, […]

  • Courtesy CNN

    Big Bones: Dinosaurs discovered in Argentina may be largest ever

    Paleontologists in Argentina unveiled on Saturday what may be the biggest dinosaur to ever have lived. Scientists estimate the titanosaur was 130 feet long — the size of two tractor-trailers lined up front to back. It weighed about 180,000 pounds — the same as 14 elephants. Titanosaurs were herbivores that lived about 95 million years ago. These fossils were discovered in a remote part of Argentina beginning in 2011. Scientists found about 200 fossils grouped together, what the museum calls […]

  • Macklemore Grammys

    Rapper Macklemore criticized for stereotypical costume

    A rapper known for encouraging acceptance in the hip-hop industry is facing criticism for performing in a costume that some say mocks Jewish stereotypes. At a concert in Seattle on Friday, Macklemore performed wearing a large prosthetic nose, a dark wig and a fake beard, according to the Huffington Post. Macklemore said in a tweet he chose random elements for his costume and did not mean to stereotype anyone, but he drew heavy criticism on Twitter. Comedian Seth Rogen responded […]