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Lacey Lett is a multimedia broadcaster with 11 years of experience in print, radio, television, and advertising. She recently moved back to OKC from Tulsa where she worked as a lifestyle anchor in Tulsa.

Lacey graduated with honors from the University of Oklahoma Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communications in 2006 following a associate degree in Broadcasting from OCCC.

Lacey worked at Clear Channel Radio in Oklahoma City in 2003 as well as co-anchor for OklaTravelNet before moving to New York City to work for Vh1 and Mtv in 2008. She later worked as an on-air personality for and host of "7 in Seven" for Ackerman McQueen Advertising in Oklahoma City.

Lacey's honors include being selected as a Forty under 40 recipient in 2011 as well as a 30/30 NexGen recipient the same year. She was selected by the Senate to help choose the official Oklahoma Rock Song in 2008. In May of 2013, Lacey was selected by the University of Oklahoma to visit Bangladesh with a group of six Oklahoma colleagues through a media professional exchange program by the U.S. Department of State. In 2013, she was inducted into the Oklahoma City Community College Hall of Fame.

Life Goal – To be the female version of Steve Jobs. (yeah right!)
Favorite TV Show – New Girl. The quirkiest show on television, and I heart Schmidt.
Favorite Car – Jaguar F-type (is that specific enough?)
Happiest moment in my life was…seeing Sir Paul McCartney live in at the concert.
4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner – Bill Murray (it would be the weirdest yet most awesome experience ever), Oprah Winfrey (a conversation about being such a selfless humanitarian), George Harrison (he was such a spiritual person with no limits), Jesus Christ.
Favorite food – sushi and chocolate. (Not together)
Pet - I consider my sister's pets my own sooo...Valkyrie, a white boxer, Miles, half Corgi/half silky terrier, Emily, a little black kitty
Knew you wanted to be a reporter when … I was at Southeast High School reading school announcements on a television broadcast around the school.
Best movie of all time – Almost Famous
Hardest part of my job – Seeing the impact tragedies have on families and the community.
Favorite holiday - New Year's! You have a whole new year ahead of you. It's a fresh start.
School fight song – Boomer Sooner
My favorite story of all time – I'm sure it's still to come. I would say hosting the centennial celebration in Guthrie was a priceless experience!
People are surprised when I tell them… my dad was a full-time touring musician (He played George in a Beatles tribute band)
I like to listen to… Indie music and local music.
Favorite Book – Malcolm Gladwell books (What the Dog Saw, Blink, Tipping Point)
I'd jump at the chance to… travel the world.
Best part of the day – Sunset. Oklahoma has some of the best sunsets. Such a romantic time of day.
Favorite place to be other than home & work - a good local concert.

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