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    Safety regulators issue urgent alert for millions of drivers

    Safety regulators issued an urgent alert for millions of drivers on Monday. Toyota, Honda, Mazda, BMW, Nissan, and General Motors are among automakers recalling vehicles with Takata airbags. There are reports of the airbags exploding and spraying shrapnel and metal. CLICK HERE to see if your vehicle is affected.

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    Drinking this could make you age faster

    It’s no secret that drinking surgary beverages may lead to weight gain and obesity related illnesses. But a new study reveals these drinks may also speed up the aging process. Researchers examined stored DNA of over 5,000 healthy adults. They found people who drank more sugared sodas had shorter telomeres – which are caps at the end of chromosomes that shrink as we get older. In fact, drinking just one 20 ounce soda every day is linked to 4.6 years […]

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    Flat screen wall mounts recalled for injury risk

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for this mounted TV bracket. Officials say a nut securing the Sanus Simplicity television wall mount to the TV can come loose, causing the television to fall from the wall. The mounts were sold exclusively at Costco for about $125. Consumers can return the mount to Costco for a refund or contact Milestone AV Technologies for a repair kit.

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    Stunning sight: Sun transforms into jack-o-lantern just before Halloween

    It looks like the sun is really excited about Halloween. A little over a week ago, it transformed into a jack-o-lantern just in time for the holiday. So how was this possible? Well, scientists at NASA combined images taken on October 8th of the sun’s active regions. They then filtered the images using two sets of light wavelengths which resulted in the “Halloween-like appearance.”  

  • Source: NBC VOD

    City of Houston files subpoenas for documents from pastors

    HOUSTON – The city of Houston has filed a subpoena for documents from local pastors who opposed Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance(HERO). The ordinance was meant to extend equal rights to the city’s gay and transgender residents. However, nearly 50,000 people signed a petition to repeal the law. Opponents of HERO were hoping to get the ordinance repealed with a petition, but the city called the position invalid. Now, the attorney for the city of Houston wants to know what several […]

  • Ebola virus imagery

    Who will be in charge of America’s Ebola response?

    WASHINGTON (NBC) – President Barack Obama is expected to appoint a former chief of staff to head up efforts to address America’s response to Ebola, an official told NBC News. Ron Klain is a former chief of staff to both Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Al Gore. He is now the president of Case Holdings and serves as the general counsel for Revolution, an investment organization. Experts say he does not have any extensive background in health […]

  • Amber Vinson

    Crews decontaminating the home of Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola

    DALLAS – While the second nurse diagnosed with Ebola is being treated at Emory University Hospital, the decontamination of her Dallas apartment continues. Hazmat crews arrived at Amber Vinson‘s apartment early Thursday morning where she lived alone with no pets. They are beginning the second phase of the decontamination process. Phase two includes removing items from Vinson’s home such as bedding, towels, and other items that may be contaminated with the Ebola virus. Officials say crews may not have to […]

  • how to escape

    Officials: 10-year-old charged with elderly woman’s murder planned escape from jail

    WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. – A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy, who has been arrested and charged for the murder of an elderly woman, had a plan to escape jail. The prison cell for 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla at the Wayne County Jail became the focal point of investigators on Wednesday. According to a search warrant application, the prison’s warden indicated that the boy appeared to have drawn an escape plan on a coloring book. Detectives seized a piece of notebook paper with the […]

  • ebola

    Nurses allege they were forced to ‘improvise’ when it came to Ebola, schools close over fears of virus

    DALLAS –  A central Texas school district has closed three campuses for cleaning on Thursday after learning two students were on the same flight as a nurse who tested positive for Ebola. Amber Vinson flew to Dallas from Cleveland after reporting a fever to the CDC. One day later, she was diagnosed with the Ebola virus. The two students were pulled from class on Wednesday and will stay home for several days. The school district says the risk of infection […]

  • kxas

    Why? Man without hazmat gear at Ebola transfer leaves many with questions

    DALLAS (KXAS) – As KXAS covered the second health care worker diagnosed with Ebola being transported to Emory, viewers spotted an unusual sight. At Love Field, a man in plain clothes is seen standing among workers in hazmat suits. KXAS reports that as three people helped Amber Vinson into a specially equipped jet, a man wearing no protective gear stood nearby. The man, who was wearing only slacks, a buttoned-down shirt and sunglasses was out-of-place. Now, many people are concerned […]

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    New recall affects Acura drivers, see if your vehicle is on the list

    There is another automotive recall to tell you about. Acura is recalling 43,000 vehicles to replace front seat belts. Acura says the seat belts might not release in temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. No injuries have been reported related to the issue. The recall covers 7,000 2014 RLX and 36,000 2014 and 2015 MDX models. Acura will mail notices to owners later this month.   To see if your vehicle is on the list, click here.