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  • hacking

    NSA: Map reveals targets of massive Chinese cyber attack, Oklahoma on the list

    WASHINGTON – Over a five-year period, more than 600 corporate, private or government agencies were targeted by a massive cyber assault, according to NBC News. The network obtained a secret NSA map that shows the Chinese government’s cyber attack on all sectors of the U.S. economy, including the U.S. government, military and companies like Google. The map uses red dots to mark the more than 600 “Victims of Chinese Cyber Espionage.” The highest number of attacks were recorded in California, […]

  • CLBhufyUMAoMlFL

    Heart and spirit of 8-year-old double hand transplant recipient grabbing the attention of many

    A team of doctors at Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has successfully performed the world’s first double hand transplant on a child. The surgery itself is miraculous, but it’s the heart and spirit of the little recipient grabbing the attention of so many. A lack of hands didn’t hold 8-year-old Zion Harvey back from much. He loves playing guitar, foosball and even peek-a-boo with his little sister. Doctors were forced to amputate both his hands and feet at […]

  • Credit:	Texas Department Public Safety

    Prosecutor: Sandra Bland’s death ruled a suicide by hanging

    WALLER COUNTY, Texas – We’re learning new details about the death of a woman inside a Texas jail cell. On July 10, Sandra Bland was pulled over for failing to use her turn signal by Texas state Trooper Brian Encinia. During the traffic stop, authorities say she was belligerent and assaulted the trooper. What started as a normal conversation got testy after Encinia asked her to put out her cigarette. The trooper wrote that Bland became “combative and uncooperative” and […]

  • hackers hijack Jeep

    Watch: Hackers hijack Jeep, disable engine and braking system

    Consumers and businesses have become increasingly aware of the dangers associated with hackers. In recent years, hackers have stolen the personal information of millions of Americans. Now, several car companies are concerned that they are now able to put your life in danger. Fiat Chrysler released an urgent software update for several Internet-connected vehicles after it learned that two hackers were able to take control of a Jeep Cherokee from miles away and crash it into a ditch. According to […]

  • Donald Trump on Pres. Obama

    ‘He’s Not a War Hero': Donald Trump Mocks John McCain’s Service

    Donald Trump didn’t hold back Saturday when asked about his recent remarks calling Arizona senator and former presidential nominee John McCain a “dummy.” McCain lost the White House in 2008 to then-Democratic candidate Barack Obama. “I don’t like losers,” Trump, a Republican presidential contender for 2016, said at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit during a question-and-answer session.   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on July 18, 2015. JIM YOUNG / Reuters […]

  • isis3

    Police captain’s son arrested for allegedly planning ISIS-inspired attack

    ADAMS, Mass. – A Boston police captain’s son has been charged with a plot to set off bombs at college cafeterias, according to NBC News. Court documents say investigators received a tip last September that 23-year-old Alexander Ciccolo wanted to go overseas to fight for ISIS. Law enforcement officials said Ciccolo’s father told the FBI that his son, whom he had minimal contact with over the years, “was going off the deep end” and “spouting extremist jihadist sympathies.” According to […]

  • Dylann Roof -Mug shot from Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

    FBI: Accused killer in Charleston church massacre should not have been able to buy gun

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina – The FBI says the accused killer in the Charleston church massacre should not have been able to buy a gun. Officials said a background check failure allowed Dylann Roof to illegally purchase a .45-caliber Glock handgun on April 11, NBC News reports. FBI director James Comey says the examiner involved in the background check never saw an arrest report in which police say Roof admitted to possessing drugs. That admission should have disqualified Roof. But the sale […]

  • nsaid

    FDA strengthening warning for many over-the-counter medications

    The Food and Drug Administration is continuing to warn patients about painkillers like ibuprofen. The FDA is asking manufacturers to change labels of many common over-the-counter medications, adding that they raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. “They used to say they might cause risk of heart attack or stroke. Now we are saying they do cause increased risk of heart attack and stroke,” FDA spokesman Eric Pahon told NBC News. The warning includes drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or […]

  • hacking

    Report: Sensitive information of 21.5 million Americans lost in data breach

    WASHINGTON – Officials announced that sensitive information of more than 21 million people was among data lost in a breach of its background investigation database. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced on Thursday that information, including Social Security numbers, was taken during a breach. The breach was first publicly disclosed on June 4, but officials were not sure exactly how much information was at stake. Authorities say they began to get a clearer picture following an investigation into this […]

  • George W Bush library

    Former President George W. Bush criticized after receiving $100,000 for speaking to wounded veterans

    WASHINGTON – A current presidential candidate is taking aim at a former president after it was released that he charged a veteran’s charity to attend a speaking event. NBC News confirmed that former President George W. Bush was paid $100,000 to attend a veterans charity gala in Houston in 2012. He was also provided with a private jet to travel to Houston, which cost the group $20,000. Officials say the year before, former first lady Laura Bush received $50,000 for […]

  • cancer doctor

    Doctor facing prison after misdiagnosing patients, providing unnecessary treatments

    DETROIT, Mich. – A doctor who intentionally misdiagnosed patients and made them pay for treatments that they didn’t need is facing his patients for the first time. Prosecutors say Dr. Farid Fata told some of them that they were deathly ill with diseases they didn’t actually have. In 2010, Fata diagnosed Robert Sobieray with a rare blood cancer. After that diagnosis, Sobieray underwent chemotherapy and radiation that made his teeth fall out and his body twitch uncontrollably. After Fata’s arrest in […]