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  • math

    Teacher: At-risk students’ grades jump after school makes big change to classroom structure

    FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – A new math class is helping children learn pre-algebra, but there is one thing missing from every classroom. “I think they are a little less distracted with those little pretty faces, so I think that’s really helping them stay a little bit more focused,” said Alison Jones, an eighth grade math teacher. Jones is piloting the single sex class this year. It is made up of at-risk students, including middle schoolers with behavior problems, lack of […]

  • grooming

    Video: Petco employee fired after video of rough grooming incident goes viral

    ATLANTA, Ga. (11Alive) – A groomer who was caught on camera roughly handling a dog is no longer employed at Petco. On March 1, a woman says she noticed a groomer treating a black dog roughly. The dog attempted to back away from the groomer, and the man yanked on its leg at least three times. She started recording the incident on her phone before speaking with a manager. Petco’s corporate office released the following statement: “At Petco, the health […]

  • MarijuanaGrow-Medicinal

    “God didn’t make a mistake,” Conservative lawmaker calling for legalization of marijuana

    LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Historically, Texas is a conservative state. However, one conservative lawmaker says he believes marijuana should be legalized and that it would not compromise the state’s values. Rep. David Simpson said House Bill 2165 will increase individual liberties and decrease government control. The bill would regulate marijuana as a plant, alongside tomatoes, coffee and other natural products. It doesn’t aim to regulate the plant through a bureaucracy or a registry, but to simply allow people to use […]

  • Jodi Arias guilty tear

    Mistrial: Jodi Arias escapes death penalty after second jury can’t agree on sentence

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (NBC News) – For the second time, Jodi Arias has escaped the death penalty. In 2013, Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in the brutal death of her lover, Travis Alexander. In 2008, Alexander was found dead in the bathroom of his home. He had been shot in the head, stabbed nearly 30 times and his throat was slit. Officials say his body was inside the home for five days before it was discovered by friends. On Thursday, […]

  • 6880190_G

    Toddler with rare condition who faced wrath of the internet now on the right side of the web

    SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A toddler and mother facing the wrath of the internet may now be on the right side of the web. Things are getting better for Kyra Pringle and her daughter Mariah, a 2-year-old with a rare genetic condition. Last month, Kyra posted a photo of Mariah to Facebook to celebrate her birthday. However, thousands on the internet had other ideas, making fun of the birthday girl’s picture and calling her a monster, not knowing she is […]

  • antibiotic

    Woman claims commonly prescribed antibiotic caused nerve damage

    (WCNC) – It is a commonly prescribed antibiotic; doctors offer it for everything from urinary tract infections to sinus infections. However, one mom is pushing to get Levaquin off the shelves after she says she suffered devastating side effects. “Every day, you push through it. You push through it because you have to,” Adrienne Myers told WCNC. Several times a week, Myers endures grueling physical therapy. The 36-year-old mother of two struggles to walk. “It’s very painful for me, just […]

  • boy

    ‘Mommy blogger’ convicted of poisoning son while writing about his health problems

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – A ‘mommy blogger’ was found guilty of slowly poisoning her son to death while she wrote about his health issues. Authorities say 27-year-old Lacey Spears was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of her son, Garnett-Paul Spears. Prosecutors say Spears repeatedly put salt into Garnett’s feeding tube while he was hospitalized. The defense portrayed Spears as a caring mother, but the prosecution argued that she reveled in the attention that her son’s illness brought […]

  • flooring

    In light of news report, Lumber Liquidators says it ‘stands by every plank’

    Many owners of laminate floors are now taking a second look at what is below their feet. On Sunday, “60 Minutes” said it tested Lumber Liquidators’ flooring in several locations for formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical. The report claimed flooring in Virginia, Florida, Texas, Illinois and New York was sent to a lab to be tested. Out of the 31 samples of laminate flooring, only one was compliant with formaldehyde emissions standards. In fact, the report said that some were 13 […]

  • hearing

    Heartwarming: Mother of five hears 4-year-old daughter sing for the first time

    WASHINGTON, Ind. (WTWO) – Melissa Santo says she has been dreaming about something other parents take for granted. The mother of five says she can’t hear her children’s voices. Santo has been dealing with hearing loss most of her life. A year ago, she went to the Miracle Ear Foundation to see if she qualified for a high-quality hearing aid. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Santo said. “I don’t even know if words can describe what it’s like not being able […]

  • Courtesy: WCBD

    “She’s not a monster,” Toddler with rare condition victim of cyberbullying

    SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD)— When you have a child, you may want to share your joy with the world. When Mariah Anderson was born, doctors told her family that she would constantly be fighting for her life. Now, her family says they are battling Internet trolls who have targeted Mariah’s pictures. The 2-year-old was born with Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, which stunts her learning ability and motor skills. The little girl is not expected to live long, so her family wanted […]

  • Capture

    Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola plans to sue hospital

    DALLAS – The Texas nurse who contracted Ebola last year is suing the hospital where she contracted the disease. 26-year-old Nina Pham is Ebola-free, but says that her experience with the deadly disease has left her suffering from body aches and insomnia. She says that she is preparing to file a lawsuit against Texas Health Resources on Monday. Pham alleges that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas failed her by not providing adequate training and equipment. NURSES ALLEGE THEY WERE […]