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    Paralyzed college graduate walks across the stage

    IOWA — Chris Norton was left paralyzed after a sports injury five years ago. But the 23-year-old college graduate was determined to do the impossible: walk across the stage. “My graduation walk was what I considered my game day or Olympic event,” the Luther College graduate told NBC News Tuesday. “My full focus was to take the best steps I could possibly take and not worry about the audience or anything else.” Norton fractured his spine in 2010 during a football […]

  • CDC's 'inconsistent' lab practices threaten its credibility, report says

    CDC: One person dies from viral disease spread by rodents

    WASHINGTON – The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that one person has died from Lassa Fever, a viral disease that is rarely found in the United States. The CDC reports the patient became ill after returning from Liberia and was in isolation when he died. Experts say the risk to others is low, but all close contacts of the patient will be monitored for 21 days. It is only the sixth known case of Lassa Fever in travelers returning […]

  • shooting

    New Orleans officer found shot to death inside patrol car

    NEW ORLEANS, La. (NBC News) – Authorities say a 45-year-old Housing Authority officer was found shot to death inside his patrol car. According to a statement from the New Orleans Police Department, the officer was patrolling a construction site just blocks from the New Orleans Saints’ stadium when he was fatally shot. Death of HANO police officer is unspeakable tragedy and vile & cowardly act. Thoughts & prayers w/officer's family. http://t.co/si2bqHTbd9 — Mitch Landrieu (@MayorLandrieu) May 24, 2015 “It’s a […]

  • dogsave

    Incredible video: Police officers pull drowning dog from raging river, bring it back to life with CPR

    Quick-acting police officers saved a little dog’s life after it fell into the flood waters of Colombia’s Liboriana River. Video of the rescue shows the animal flailing in the muddy, rushing water as officers try to catch the helpless animal. The dog’s head bobs in and out of the water and officers shout “jump in, jump in” as they scramble along the bank. One policeman does jump in, and despite nearly being swept away himself, pulls the lifeless dog to safety. Officers lay the limp dog […]

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    Nebraska officer killed in line of duty hours before maternity leave

    OMAHA, Neb. – A Nebraska police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty just one day before she was set to go on maternity leave. According to NBC News, Officer Kerrie Orozco had delayed starting her maternity leave until her daughter, Olivia, was released from the hospital. Just hours before Orozco was scheduled to bring the premature baby home, Orozco was gunned down. On Wednesday, Orozco was serving an arrest warrant for 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, who was […]

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    Mother shares story of son’s rare disease, hopes to alert other parents

    MOSS BLUFF, La. – A mother is sharing the story of her son’s rare disease in hopes that it sheds light on the life-threatening liver condition affecting 1 in 10,000 babies. Looking at 15-month-old Asher, you wouldn’t know just how different he is from the other 1-year-olds. The only external sign of a medical condition that made him sick shows on his face, where he has scratched his skin that itches intensely. Asher’s mom, Shayla, is a registered nurse, a […]

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    5-year-old’s gesture at Waffle House leaves homeless man, patrons in tears

    PRATTVILLE, AL — Five-year-old Josiah Duncan and his mom, Ava Faulk, were at Waffle House when a homeless man walked in. “We saw a man who was dirty holding a bag with his bike outside,” Faulk recalled. Josiah was concerned by the man’s appearance and asked his mom a slew of questions. “He’s homeless,” the little boy’s mother told him. Faulk said once the man sat down, no one helped him. So Josiah went over to the man and asked if he needed […]

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    Video: Illinois Patrol officer appears to mace handcuffed teen

    The Alton, Illinois police department is launching an internal affairs investigation into the incident regarding a patrol officer who appears to be macing two teenagers handcuffed in a holding cell on surveillance video. The video is dated as January 26, 2015, however, Alton Police Chief Jason Simmons says he didn’t receive the completed “use of force” report on the incident until May 6. Simmons also says wasn’t made aware of the incident until late March. James Gray, the president of […]

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    Teaching senior citizens to use electronics takes patience for all parties

    Many of us have experienced a parent or grandparent getting a new phone, tablet or computer then struggling to learn how to use it. The process of showing them the ropes is sometimes frustrating on both ends. Whitney Bennington teaches a computer class for seniors at the Bette Rae Thomas Recreation Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. “They really felt intimidated and just out of touch,” she says. Everything from basics like introducing the ‘on’ button and keyboard, to playing games […]

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    Goldfish escapes death, becomes a ‘giant compared to other feeder fish’

    JAPAN — What should have been an ordinary fish tale took an unlikely turn at an aquarium in central Japan. Shima Marineland is known mostly for penguins and sunfish. Seven years ago, a goldfish was supposed to be dinner for the arapaima, one of the largest freshwater fish at the aquarium. Caretakers threw it into the tank at feeding time, but the goldfish dared to escape from certain death by jumping into a filter pipe. That led to a narrow […]

  • buffalo attack lions

    “We go! We go! We help!” Tourists save lion cubs from cape buffalo

    DENVER, Colo. – A group of tourists on a mission trip in Uganda took time to go on a safari through a national park. What happened there, they say they will never forget. Asim Trent was visiting the Murchison Falls National Park when they stumbled upon a female lion and her cubs. They quietly watched as a cape buffalo approached the lions. “Cape buffalo are one of the most aggressive animals. They probably hurt more people than probably lions or […]