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  • Study: mega doses of vitamin C could help cancer patients

    A cancer therapy, which was rejected in the 1970s, is getting a second chance thanks to researchers from the University of Iowa. Mega doses of vitamin C could help patients being treated for cancer. New research shows regular infusions of concentrated vitamin C damaged brain cancer cells without harming healthy ones. Scientists say this does not mean vitamin C is a cure for cancer, but it may improve how patients respond to chemotherapy and radiation. Most people tolerated the infusions […]

  • Study: Cases of colon cancer increasing among millennials, young adults

    WASHINGTON – Researchers have a new warning about a deadly cancer that is becoming more prevalent in younger adults and millennials. The vast majority of colorectal cancer cases, nearly 90 percent, are diagnosed in people over age 50. However, a new study finds risks are increasing steadily for younger adults. “When I go to the hospital and I’m sitting amongst 60 and 70 and 80 year olds, I get a lot of glares and looks and, ‘Why are you here? […]

  • Mom talks about walking for 30 hours through snow, wilderness to get help for family

    GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. – Stranded on a secluded road with heavy snow falling, one Pennsylvania mom knew she had to do something. So, she walked for 30 hours in the wilderness, through 26 freezing miles, subsisting on twigs and her urine, to get help. An unexpected turn of events Karen Klein, 46, was headed to the Grand Canyon National Park with her husband Eric and their 10-year-old son. State Road 67, which leads to the canyon’s north rim, […]

  • Yes, please! New campaign signs: ‘Make America KIND again’

    SACRAMENTO, California – Election season may be coming to an end, but a new campaign sign is sending a strong message: Make America kind again. Stay-at-home-mom Amanda Blanc designed the lawn signs, hoping to change the tone of the political conversation – and they are selling out fast. Bitterness has run rampant between the candidates, as well as many Trump and Clinton supporters. It may be a play-on-words on Donald Trump’s now infamous slogan, but Blanc says her message is […]

  • Boy dresses as giant Trump comb over for Halloween and it’s gone viral

    WICHITA, Kansas – No matter their political affiliation, both Republicans and Democrats are getting a huge laugh out of a 5th grader’s Halloween costume of choice. Plenty of jokes have been made about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hair this election season, but one Kansas 5th grader and his mother have taken it to a whole new level. Gage DeVader is wearing a costume modeled completely after Trump’s hair, but it’s much more than just a wig. The costume is […]

  • Police release autopsy findings of mysterious deaths of American sisters at luxury resort

    We’re learning a little more about two American sisters who were found dead in their luxury hotel room in the Seychelles. Workers at the Maia Luxury Resort said they spotted 42-year-old Robin Korkki and 37-year-old Annie Korkki kicking back with drinks throughout the day on either Sept. 21 or 22 (reports differ) and they were assisted to their room around 8:15 p.m., the Seychelles Nation reports. The next day, the sisters were found “unresponsive” in their beds by staff, with […]

  • Study: Roller coasters may help patients with kidney stones

    WASHINGTON – New research is making some patients who suffer from kidney stones take a closer look. Dr. David Wartinger of Michigan State University said he has heard several patients have passed kidney stones after riding roller coasters. After those claims, Wartinger and another researcher decided to do some testing at an amusement park on the “Big Mountain Thunder” roller coaster. After testing it 200 times, they found that sitting at the back of the coaster allowed you to pass […]

  • Researchers using marmots to track how climate change is affecting wildlife

    GOTHIC, Colo. – Almost 100 years ago, an abandoned town in the mountains of Colorado was transformed into an outdoor science laboratory, which is now internationally known. That is where you will find the marmot team—or Marmoteers as they call themselves. They’re researchers working on one of the longest animal studies on record – on yellow bellied marmots. Marmots are providing important data on how climate change is affecting wildlife. “From this big soap opera we’re learning a lot about how evolution […]

  • Millennials redefining the ‘American dream’

    A generation of home-buyers aren’t being represented as the housing market continues to surge. Millennials are the largest age group not purchasing homes. John Burns, a real estate consultant, conducted a study that showed home ownership falling across all age groups for the last seven years, but the Millennial generation marked the largest drop. Since the housing collapse of 2009 home ownership among ages 25 to 34-years-old is 39 percent. Burns expects this rate to fall even more over the next […]

  • Pharmaceutical executives’ salaries soar after EpiPen price hike

    WASHINGTON – A pharmaceutical company has been under scrutiny after prices for a lifesaving drug spiked in recent years. Doctors and patients say the Mylan pharmaceutical company has jacked up the prices for an EpiPen — the portable device that can stop a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction — from around $100 in 2008 to $500 and up today. “Patients are calling and saying they can’t afford it,” said Dr. Douglas McMahon, an allergy specialist in Maplewood, Minnesota. “They’re between a […]

  • EpiPen Price Hike Has Parents of Kids With Allergies Scrambling Ahead of School Year

    The cost of saving your child’s life has gotten a lot more expensive. EpiPen's price hike of more than 400% has parents scrambling. — NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) August 19, 2016 Parents getting ready for back-to-school season have another item to toss in the basket along with Trapper Keepers and boxes of pencils — and they’re facing sticker shock at the latest price increase. Doctors and patients say the Mylan pharmaceutical company has jacked up the prices for […]