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  • Capture

    ‘Please stop crying,’ Scam artist who targeted pregnant woman has change of heart

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. –  A scam artist who targeted a pregnant Colorado woman seems to have had sudden change of heart. Sarah Carr and her family took over an event venue in Broomfield 16 years ago. It’s one of three businesses she owns. Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, Carr said a man claiming to be an IRS agent left her a voice mail. “I called it back. The voice mail was saying there was a lien on my property. I was being […]

  • basketball

    Professional gambler gives tips for beating NCAA brackets

    March is a big month for gamblers. According to CNBC, an estimated $9 billion might be spent gambling on March Madness this year. Ed Feng, who runs a sports data and prediction subscription service called ‘The Power Rank,’ spoke to CNBC about the keys to having a successful NCAA basketball bracket. He says you shouldn’t overrate the underdogs, adding that higher-seeded teams have won 71 percent of their games since 2002. Also, he says you should pick a final champion and then […]

  • DeasiaWatkins

    Mother accused of beheading her 3-month-old daughter

    CINCINNATI, OH – A Cincinnati mother is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after police say she killed her 3-month-old baby, severing the child’s head. According to WLWT, 20-year-old Deasia Watkins is charged with aggravated murder. The coroner said the baby suffered multiple traumas including multiple stab wounds on the face and head, a fractured right arm, and the child’s head had been severed from her body. Officials say Watkins was found in a bed, covered in blood. “There were a few tears in […]

  • Capture

    High schools around the country dropping the controversial “Redskins” mascot

    LANCASTER, NY. – High schools around the country continue to drop the controversial “Redskins” mascot. According to WGRZ, New York’s Lancaster School District unanimously passed a resolution to change the nickname during a special school board meeting Monday night. The school board believed the nickname was offensive to Native Americans, and outweighed the demand to keep the nickname, which had been in place for decades. While the school board was commenting on the resolution, they were frequently interrupted by the crowd, […]

  • penn state

    Police: Penn State fraternity suspended after shocking photos discovered on “secret Facebook” page

    STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WJAC) – A fraternity at Penn State University has been suspended after police discovered a secret Facebook page. Authorities say a tip led them to information about two private Facebook pages that were allegedly created and run by members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. According to the search warrant, several members of the fraternity are accused of taking pictures of women, mostly nude while sleeping or passed out, and sharing those photos online. The first Facebook […]

  • leprechaun

    Blast from the past: St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun story lives on with millions of views

    MOBILE, Ala. – It’s a news report by an Alabama television station that has been viewed millions of times. Just before St. Patrick’s Day in 2006, WPMI received reports that some residents had spotted something strange in a tree. Residents claimed they had spotted a leprechaun, even creating a hilarious amateur sketch to provide a few details. See a mistake? Report a typo here.


    Videos show horrific moment train crashes into car, killing 2 teens

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Two teenagers were killed and two more were injured when a train slammed into a car in Louisville, Kentucky. According to officials, the train hit the passenger’s side of the vehicle, killing two people in the car. Police say the car ran a signal and crossed into the train’s path. A witness to the collision said it was the most devastating thing he had ever seen in his life. The driver and a passenger who was sitting behind […]

  • reincarnation1

    ‘I used to be somebody else,’ Oklahoma boy talks about past life in Hollywood

    MUSKOGEE, Okla. – An Oklahoma boy is causing skeptics to take a closer look at their beliefs related to life after death. Cyndi Hammons says it all started when Ryan was just 4-years-old. He would wake from horrible nightmares. When he was 5-years-old, he told her something unbelievable before going to bed. “He said, ‘Mom, I have something I need to tell you,” she told TODAY. “I used to be somebody else.” The then-preschooler would talk about ‘going home’ to […]

  • Photo courtesy Freedom Conservation.

    Watch: Eagle dives from world’s tallest skyscraper

    DUBAI– An eagle’s stunning flight from the tallest building in the world was captured on video Saturday, thanks to a small camera attached its back. The bird’s-eye view was recorded when Darshan, an imperial eagle, flew from the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, swooping 2,722 feet down to his trainer on the ground. It was the highest recorded bird flight from a man-made structure ever, according to the Freedom Conservation group. The event was planned to call special attention […]

  • Ebola virus imagery

    American healthcare worker infected with Ebola

    BETHESDA, Md. (NBC News) – An American healthcare worker has been infected with Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone. Officials say the worker will be transported back to the United States in isolation on a chartered aircraft. Once on American soil, that person will be treated at the NIH Clinical Center Special Clinical Studies Unit, a high-level containment facility in Maryland. According to NBC News, it is the same facility where nurse Nina Pham was treated. So far, eight […]

  • JefferySchuler

    Prosecutor: Mental hospital releasing convicted killer too soon

    SEATTLE, Wash. (KING) – There is a debate in Washington over whether or not a convicted killer should be set free. Jeffrey Schuler is eligible for conditional release from a Seattle hospital 13 years after he murdered his girlfriend, Sophia Kim, inside their apartment. Kim was found beaten, stabbed 25 times with a sword and partially decapitated. After the crime, Schuler rushed to a neighbor’s house. Authorities say he was naked and claimed he was attacked in a home invasion. […]