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  • blood

    Study: New blood test could help diagnose depression

    Scientists at Northwestern University have developed a blood test that could some day help diagnose depression in adults. The test measure levels of nine blood markers in a patient’s RNA molecules. In preliminary trials, people already diagnosed with clinical depression had significantly different levels of these markers than people without depression. The blood test was also able to measure the effectiveness of behavioral therapy on depressed patients and even predict who would benefit the most from seeing a therapist. While […]

  • Capture

    Inflatable rubber river tubes recalled due to skin irritation

    More than 20,000 river tubes are being recalled because they’re causing skin irritations. The Coleman company is recalling Sevlor brand River Racer inflatable rubber tubes after receiving 24 dozen reports of skin irritations. The tubes were sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com from January through July for about $25. Consumers should stop using the tubes and contact Coleman for a free replacement. Coleman’s number is 800-835-3278.

  • Capture

    Recall alert: Smoke alarm may not warn you about fire

    More than one million smoke and combination smoke-carbon monoxide alarms are being recalled. Kidde is recalling the alarms because they can fail to alert consumers of a fire or a carbon monoxide incident following a power outage. The products in question are residential alarms that are hard-wired into a home’s electric power. The affected alarms are white and round and Kidde is engraved on the front. Consumers should contact Kidde for a free replacement alarm and keep using the recalled […]

  • navy

    Imposter arrested after scamming several businesses, claiming to be Navy SEAL

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WESH) – A few Good Samaritans thought they were helping a Navy SEAL, but soon realized they had been conned. The accused imposter told workers at Daytona Inn and Neptune’s Sports Pub his name was Alex Seppi, a Navy SEAL being deployed to Afghanistan in a matter of days. He asked for a place to rest and money to get back on base. “This probably did help somebody. He won’t be able to do it again for […]

  • obese

    New weight loss pill approved by the FDA

    NEW YORK – The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new weight loss pill for the third time in the last decade. Contrave, which works by decreasing a patient’s appetite, was approved for people who are obese or those who struggle with weight-related health problems, like diabetes. In clinical trials, people who took Contrave in combination with a healthy diet and exercise lost two to four percent more weight than those taking a placebo. While it did not cause […]

  • trashtruckincident

    Man dies after falling off trash truck

    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. – Authorities say a temporary city employee died after he was run over by a garbage truck. Officials say 52-year-old Richard Jones was riding on the truck when he tried to get off of the vehicle. He then fell under the back wheels and was run over. Police say Jones was pronounced dead by the Medical Examiner’s Office.    

  • Capture

    Eating more fish could benefit hearing loss, here’s why

    This might help you decide what’s for dinner tonight. There’s new evidence that eating fish might help protect against hearing loss. Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers looked at data from more than 62,000 women who were followed for 18-years. Compared to those who rarely ate fish, those who had at least two serving a week had a 20% lower risk of hearing loss. This included any type of fish.

  • Capture

    Study suggests fluctuation in weight could increase your blood pressure

    A new study found that minor fluctuations in weight can increase a person’s blood pressure. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic had 16 healthy people increase their food intake by 400 to 1200 calories a day. After two months, those who gained 5 to 10 pounds had a slightly higher blood pressure. That was especially true for people who carried that extra weight in their belly. Cholesterol, insulin and blood sugar levels were not impacted.  

  • pit bull attack

    Police: Pit bull used as weapon in hate crime

    DES MOINES, Iowa – An Iowa man is accused of using racial slurs before sending his pit bull to attack another man. The incident is now being investigated as a hate crime. Des Moines police say 21-year-old Joshua Stoll was driving drunk when he came to a sudden stop after seeing Kanin Pierce and his brother. “A vehicle had driven by at a high rate of speed. Once it got past them, it came to a very quick stop,” said […]

  • exercise

    Study suggests exercise may help with ADHD

    New research suggests exercise may help children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A study of early elementary age students compared behaviors of children who exercised for 30 minutes before school each day to those who did sedentary activities in the classroom. Kids in the exercise group showed greater improvements in attention and mood during the rest of the school day than those in the sedentary group. Researchers say it is not clear if exercise only offers advantages to children with ADHD, […]

  • apple

    Apple set to make big announcement on Tuesday

    Apple is set to make a big announcement on Tuesday. Some Apple fans are already camping out in front of stores as rumors swirl that Apple will unveil a new iPhone. The new phone is expected to have a bigger screen, new technology for paying for things in stores with your phone, and maybe better battery life. There is also speculation Apple could move into wearable technology with an iWatch.