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    Your go-to-pill for lower back pain may not be as effective as you think

    Acetaminophen may not be the best way to treat back pain, according to a new study. Australian researchers had 1,600 adults take either acetaminophen or a placebo pill for about a month for their lower back pain. They found the drug wasn’t any more effective than a dummy pill in relieving pain, nor did it help improve their sleep quality. Acetaminophen is best known by the brand name tylenol. Its maker, Mcneil Consumer Healthcare, says “The safety and efficacy profile […]

  • NC_penisambutation0725_mezzn

    Man files lawsuit after awaking from minor procedure to discover amputation of body part

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WVTM) – An Alabama man has filed a lawsuit against Princeton Baptist Medical Center and a number of other defendants after he says the hospital made a very big mistake. The man and his wife filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, claiming his penis was amputated without his permission. According to the lawsuit, the man was scheduled to be circumcised last month in connection with health concerns. When he awoke from the procedure, he discovered the amputation. “Needless to […]

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    American teen trying to be the youngest to fly around the world dies in crash

    (NBC News) – An Indiana teenager who was trying to become the youngest to fly around the world in 30 days in a single-engine plane died on Wednesday in a crash. Authorities say 17-year-old Haris Suleman’s body was recovered off the coast of American Samoa. The father and son team took off on their journey in mid-June to raise awareness and money for the Citizens Foundation. “It was for a noble cause, it was for building schools, for kids in […]

  • flamingo

    Pranksters take over neighborhood with unusual new look

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) – A Missouri neighborhood is talking about a prankster who is hitting homes left and right. However, the pranks aren’t damaging property but rather adding a few decorations. Residents say yards are being filled with pink flamingos. It started when a couple moved in and actually had a pink flamingo in their front yard. Suddenly, other homeowners woke up to find they also had the lawn ornaments. “It’s flamingo bombing. You’ll just wake up one morning and they’ll be in […]

  • tylenol

    Study claims the common drug you take for back pain may not actually work

    When you hurt your back, what do you usually reach for to relieve that pain? Many pain sufferers reach for acetaminophen, which is also known by the brand name Tylenol. Australian researchers had 1,600 adults take either acetaminophen or a placebo pill for about a month to treat lower back pain. They found the drugs weren’t any more effective than the dummy pill in relieving pain, nor did it help improve their sleep quality. McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the maker of […]

  • hospital shooting

    ‘He was a creep,’ Psychiatric patient allegedly opened fire in hospital, shot by doctor

    DARBY, Penn. – A psychiatric patient opened fire inside a Pennsylvania wellness center on Thursday, killing his case worker and injuring a doctor. “I seen multiple cops come in here and an ambulance. And I was scared,” said Carmella Brooks. Police say Richard Plotts was brought to the wellness center by his case worker. Once he got inside, he started yelling before allegedly pulling out a gun. “I ran down three flights of steps to go get my son,” said […]

  • mother

    Mother arrested after allegedly bringing her kids to burglary

    RACINE, Wis. – A Wisconsin mother has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a home, but officers say it is who she asked to help her commit the crime that grabbed their attention the most. Tanya Fawcett is behind bars for breaking  into an apartment on Washington Ave. Officers say she wasn’t alone in the crime. In fact, she brought along her three children, who are 11, 7 and 4-years-old. The 11-year-old told police that “her mother asked her to […]

  • carjacking

    Caught on camera: Couple’s bizarre crime spree comes to an end

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – It was a dramatic ending to a crime spree in central Colorado. Two suspects were taken into custody after multiple carjackings, shootings and a chase. Police say this all started as a traffic stop on Lookout Mountain. Authorities found a man and a young woman inside a white Crown Victoria after getting a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area. An officer took the driver’s license and headed back to his car. “When he went […]

  • Tulsasuicidepact

    Mother, son found dead after possible suicide pact

    TULSA, Okla. – A mother and her teenage son were found dead at their midtown Tulsa home Tuesday after what police believe could have been a suicide pact. Police were called to the southeast Tulsa residence around 4 p.m. by after family were unable to get inside the home. Officers found 50-year-old Kimberly Crabtree and 17-year-old Joseph Crabtree dead from gunshot wounds. According to investigators, there were no signs of a struggle inside the home.  Officials believe the Crabtrees planned […]

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    Researchers make major step in finding cure for HIV

    Danish researchers say they are finding ways to activate and expose hidden HIV cells to the immune system, which is being called a major step in finding a cure for the virus that causes AIDS. Doctor Ole Soggard from Aarus University Hospital in Denmark said he performed a study of six HIV patients who were given a cancer drug.  He says the drug kicked HIV into the bloodstream, where the immune system could theoretically attack and kill it. The finding […]

  • Sleep

    Thought you needed 8 hours of sleep? Researchers put common standard to bed

    Every day, millions of Americans dream of getting more shut-eye. However, many people are confused about how much sleep you really need. Whether it’s folklore or science, eight hours seems to have been the magic number when it comes to recommended hours of sleep. New studies suggest that might not be the case. According to one study, less might be more. In fact, seven hours is what you need for sweet dreams, according to researchers. One study shows that brain […]