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  • Dunkin Donuts teams up with Vermonters to send prayers to Marathon runners

    Posted on: 5:19 pm, April 12, 2014, by and , updated on: 05:20pm, April 12, 2014

    The one year anniversary of the Boston bombing is quickly approaching. The impact of the tragic day stretched far beyond...
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  • UPDATE: Cattle rancher standoff, BLM roundup halted

    Posted on: 12:56 pm, April 12, 2014, by and , updated on: 03:19pm, April 13, 2014

    UPDATED 3:16 p.m. A tense, week-long showdown appeared to end Saturday between the Federal Government and supporters of a Nevada...
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  • Scammers targeting popular dating app

    Posted on: 8:16 pm, April 11, 2014, by and

    If you have been using the popular dating app Tinder, be careful, the people you have matched with may not...
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  • Father of Michigan’s first set of sextuplets dies at 39-years-old

    Posted on: 7:37 am, April 11, 2014, by and

    DETROIT (NBC) – The father of Michigan’s first set of surviving sextuplets has passed away. Ben Van Houten had just...
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  • UPDATE: 10 killed in bus crash, including high school students, heading to tour college

    Posted on: 9:32 pm, April 10, 2014, by and , updated on: 06:36am, April 11, 2014

    ORLAND, Calif. – Authorities say at least 10 people were killed and 35 others were  hospitalized when a tour bus collided...
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  • UPDATE: Suspect turns self in after day care hit-and-run accident

    Posted on: 8:12 pm, April 10, 2014, by and , updated on: 08:15pm, April 10, 2014

    WINTER PARK, Fla. – A suspect wanted in a hit-and-run crash at a central Florida day care is now in...
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  • Discount chain announces it will close stores, cut jobs

    Posted on: 1:41 pm, April 10, 2014, by and

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A popular discount store announced that it is shutting the doors to some stores and cutting jobs....
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  • It may be sweet and sticky but it’s not what you think

    Posted on: 11:48 am, April 9, 2014, by and

    Honey mixed with sugar might be sweet, but it is not “honey.” The FDA will soon add honey to the...
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  • UPDATE: 16-year-old charged as adult in mass school stabbing

    Posted on: 7:48 am, April 9, 2014, by , , and , updated on: 10:23pm, April 9, 2014

    UPDATE (CNN): The Pennsylvania school stabbings suspect is 16-year-old Alex Hribal, according to court documents obtained by CNN Wednesday. Reports say...
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  • Reports surface, famous civil rights activist was FBI informant

    Posted on: 6:04 pm, April 8, 2014, by and

    NEW YORK – The reverend Al Sharpton held a news conference today after a report surfaced that he spied on...
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  • Gas fireplaces recalled for risk of explosion

    Posted on: 8:33 am, April 8, 2014, by and

    Authorities say nearly 14,000 gas fireplaces are being recalled in the United States because they can explode. Company officials say...
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  • Pharmaceutical company developing medicine to reduce need for insulin injections

    Posted on: 10:13 am, April 7, 2014, by and

    EIN KAREM, Israel (NBC) – An Israeli pharmaceutical company is developing what could be the key to getting rid of...
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