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  • 3-year-old toddlers die from heat exhaustion after sneaking out of home

    BOSSIER CITY, La. – Twin toddlers died after they were found unresponsive in a pickup truck outside of their home. The Bossier City Police Department says a 3-year-old boy and girl died from heat exhaustion after they were found in the truck on Saturday afternoon. “Neighbors tell police the children’s mother, who was home at the time, had contacted them saying she was looking for the children,” a statement from the police department read. Rhonda Matthews, the victims’ next-door neighbor, […]

  • Father of American killed in Paris attacks files lawsuit against social media sites

    PARIS, France – The father of the only American who was killed during a terrorist attack in France is now suing several social media sites for helping the terrorist organization. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 129 people and injured hundreds of others. Nohemi Gonzalez was one of the victims whose lives were lost during the attack. Now, Gonzalez’s father has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook and Google for knowingly allowing members […]

  • Orlando shooter’s wife may face charges for not alerting authorities to attack plan

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Authorities say the wife of a man who killed 49 people and injured 53 others may face charges for the attack her husband carried out. Early Sunday morning, police say 29-year-old Omar Mateen opened fire inside Pulse nightclub. Mateen was killed in a shootout with police after saying he admired the leader of ISIS and other Americans who turned into terrorists. Now, investigators are considering filing charges against Matten’s wife, Noor Zahi Salman. Salman told FBI agents […]

  • Protest breaks out on House of Representatives floor after moment of silence for Orlando victims

    WASHINGTON – Tragedies tend to bring people together, but the largest mass shooting in United States history has sparked political fights at the Capitol. In all, 49 victims were killed when a gunman opened fire inside an Orlando nightclub this past weekend. On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives sought to have a moment of silence to remember the victims of the massacre. However, several representatives felt that more needed to be done to honor the victims. Connecticut Rep. Jim […]

  • No charges will be filed on officers involved in Jamar Clark shooting

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Federal officials announced today at a press conference that no charges will be filed against the officers involved in the shooting of Jamar Clark. No civil rights charges in shooting death of Jamar Clark — NBC News (@NBCNews) June 1, 2016 The 24 year old was fatally shot by police last November when officers responded to a reported assault. Authorities say that the months long investigation of the shooting did not establish enough evidence to charge the two officers […]

  • State Department issues travel alert for Americans heading to Europe this summer

    WASHINGTON – Summer is just around the corner and many Americans are planning vacations across the globe. Now, the U.S. State Department is warning Americans traveling to Europe about the risk of terror attacks this summer. “The large number of tourists visiting Europe in the summer months will present greater targets for terrorist planning attacks in public locations, especially at large events,” the State Department said in a travel advisory on Tuesday. The travel alert points to major sporting events, […]

  • New study takes a closer look at cell phone radiation, cancer

    WASHINGTON – It’s a debate that has gone on for years, but a new study is making researchers take a closer look at cell phone radiation. Although the full report has not been released, the U.S. National Toxicology Program announced that it is releasing partial findings early. Officials told NBC News that the male rats exposed to constant, heavy doses of certain types of cellphone radiation develop brain and heart tumors. However, female rats didn’t, and even the rats who […]

  • Terrifying: Motorist captures dash cam video that shows dramatic crash

    It was a terrifying moment for motorists on New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge when a tractor-trailer rolled over. A motorist captured amazing dash cam video that shows the semi-truck losing control and rolling over on its side during rush hour. The truck’s wheels and axle can been seen rolling toward the wreck after the big rig comes to rest. Officials say at least five other vehicles were hit by debris. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident. According to […]

  • Woman mutilated by chimp talks about recent transplant setback

    There has been a minor complication for the Connecticut woman who survived a brutal chimpanzee attack. Charla Nash recently caught up with Meredith Vieira to talk about how her life has changed since the vicious attack. In 2009, Charla Nash was mauled by her friend’s pet chimpanzee. Nash lost her nose, eyes, lips and hands in the attack. A few years later, Nash had a complete hand and face transplant. According to TODAY, the hands failed to thrive, but the face transplant was […]

  • Grandfather says dead rodent was found in grandson’s Dr. Pepper bottle

    KATY, Texas – A Texas grandfather says a dead rodent was found inside his young grandson’s bottle of Dr. Pepper. Floating in the half-empty 20-ounce bottle of Dr. Pepper is some sort of rodent. It’s got beady eyes, small ears and a tail. John Graves, of Katy, said his 3-year-old grandson, Kayden, drank the Dr. Pepper on Sunday after they bought it in Galveston. The boy didn’t finish the soda, so they put the cap back on. “This morning when […]

  • Shooting outside daycare center kills two parents, injures two children

    LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A domestic shooting outside a Las Vegas learning center claimed the lives of two parents and injured two children. On Thursday, police were called to a deadly shooting outside the Kids Campus Learning Center in Las Vegas. Investigators told NBC News that it appears the victim’s husband arrived at the daycare just “moments” after his wife and children got there. Witnesses then heard gunfire. Authorities say the children’s 27-year-old mother and 40-year-old father died from gunshot wounds. […]