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  • Woman tweets about ‘nightmare’ feet incident on flight

    SAN FRANCISCO — At first, she thought it would be a dream flight. When Jessie Char got onto a plane heading from Long Beach to San Francisco, she tweeted out a photo Tuesday of empty seats and said, “My two favorite people to sit with on a plane.” My two favorite people to sit with on a plane — Jessie Char (@jessiechar) July 19, 2017 You guys will never guess what happened next. — Jessie Char (@jessiechar) July 19, 2017 That […]

  • ‘Crash parade!’ Man films himself mowing down beach chairs, cooler during pursuit

    DUNEDIN, Fla. – A man fleeing police recorded himself driving at high speed across the pristine sand of Clearwater Beach in Florida, plowing through chairs and drinking alcohol, according to WTSP-TV. After a wild, nine-minute chase, officers caught up with the suspect, identified as 27-year-old Ryan Stiles, of Pinellas Park. The video shows Stiles tearing across the beach screaming obscenities. At one point he yells “Crash parade, bro!” as he appears to drive over multiple folding chairs. The beach Stiles […]

  • Man saves missing dog from coyotes, tracks down her owners

    SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – A man came to the rescue of a missing dog when he spotted coyotes surrounding the animal in a brush-covered, hilly area near his California home Tuesday. “We see three coyotes sprint down, hit the dog – basically head-butt the dog – and the dog goes rolling down the hill,” Alex Siggins told KTLA. The dog wound up in a thorny bush, quickly surrounded by the coyotes. Siggins’ children were playing outside when it happened. “We […]

  • Man shoots and kills 820-pound hog after it wanders into front yard

    SAMSON, Ala. – An Alabama man shot and killed an 820-pound hog that ventured into his front yard last week. Wade Seago lives in a rural Alabama town and is accustomed to his dog barking at various wildlife, according to But, when Cruiser wouldn’t stop barking and his daughter, who was looking out a window at the front of the house, started screaming, Seago sprang into action. “I looked out the back window and saw nothing, so I ran […]

  • Tabasco releases hottest ever ‘Scorpion Sauce’ for limited time

    AVERY ISLAND, La. – Tabasco has released a new hot sauce that they say is 20 times hotter than the original. The company released “Scorpion Sauce” on Wednesday and is only sold on Tabasco’s website or in Avery Island, Louisiana where Tabasco sauce has been made. The Scorpion Sauce has the scorpion pepper, which is one of the hottest peppers in the world. It also features guava, pineapple, and a bit of original Tabasco, according to a press release obtained […]

  • Cecil the lion’s son shot and killed by trophy hunter

    ZIMBABWE — The son of Cecil the lion, 6-year-old Xanda, has been shot and killed by an American trophy hunter near the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. According to the Washington Post, officials at Hwange National Park were monitoring Xanda through an electronic collar and noticed that the lion started to leave park grounds. Andrew Loveridge, who works with the team that supplies the collars said, “I fitted it last October. It was monitored almost daily and we were aware that Xanda […]

  • Florida man angry AT&T trucks parked in front of house, shoots out their tires

    HIALEAH, Fla. – A retired Florida firefighter apparently shot the tires on multiple AT&T trucks because he was upset they were parked near his home, according to WSVN. Police said utility workers were working on lines near the home when 64-year-old Jorge Jove approached them on Wednesday morning. Jove was apparently upset because the trucks were parked in front of his home, officials told WSVN. The workers told the man they would move the trucks after the work was completed. […]

  • Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dies of apparent suicide, TMZ reports

    PALOS VERDES, Calif. – Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, has committed suicide, according to a report from TMZ. TMZ said Bennington hanged himself inside a home in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles. His body was found just before 9 a.m. Thursday. Bennington was 41 years old. I am in tears.Chester just told me how happy he was…..He was such a sweet and talented man……Ifeel so sad for his family,band mates and fans — Nikki Sixx […]

  • Mexican hospital holding baby as ‘medical hostage’ until bill is paid, Indiana family claims

    MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — An Indiana woman’s baby born in Mexico is being held hostage by a Cancun hospital, according to the family. Michaela Smith and Larry Ralph were vacationing in Cancun with her husband when she went into labor 12 weeks early, according to WXIN. The family said doctors cleared Michaela for travel. The family has been working around the clock to bring the family home. “A baby born at 28 weeks in the United States has a 96 to […]

  • Family claims JetBlue removed them from flight after toddler kicked seat

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A New York woman says her family was removed from a JetBlue flight after her 1-year-old daughter kicked the seat in front of her, according to WPIX. The family of five; including parents Tamir Raanan, Mandy Ifrah and their three children; were on a plane leaving the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in Florida when they were removed from the New York-bound flight on June 21. The reason, they say, is that their 1-year-old daughter kicked the […]

  • Minnesota 5-year-old battling same E. coli that killed his younger sister

    WRIGHT COUNTY, Minn. – A 5-year-old Minnesota boy is battling the same strain of E. coli that took his younger sister’s life earlier in the week. State investigators are working to find out how Kade Maresh and his younger sister, Kallan, contracted a shiga toxin-producing bacteria on July 9, according to the Star Tribune. The first symptoms were non-stop vomiting and bloody diarrhea, the siblings’ parents posted on CaringBridge. After several trips to the ER, lab results revealed they had […]