KFOR live stream viewers: KFOR is now complying with the FCC-mandated requirement to caption IP-based internet video streams. This requirement, with a compliance deadline of March 30, 2013, means that we must caption all live video programming. We have done so on our website at KFOR.com and within the live streaming areas of our apps. Another deadline to caption non-live programming arrives in September 2013. See this link for more information.

At this time, captions are not available to be turned off, unlike your television where that capability exists. We are looking at ways to make captioning selectable. Expect that functionality in the near future. Thank you!

The live stream below may at times have background audio. Please mute this stream so you can listen to the on-air audio. You can do this on the audio bar in the video box. You can also mute the on-air stream (above) if you wish to listen to the stream below.