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    Autopsy: Oklahoma inmate dies from lethal injection drugs, not heart attack after ‘botched’ execution

    OKLAHOMA CITY – On Thursday, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety announced that it has received one of the final pieces of evidence necessary to complete its investigation into the death of an Oklahoma inmate following a botched execution. On April 29, Clayton Lockett was scheduled to die by lethal injection. After being injected with a lethal […]

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    Federal lawsuit filed after botched execution of Oklahoma inmate, alleges violations

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A federal lawsuit has been filed involving the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in April. The suit has been filed by two news publications and the ACLU, who all say more transparency is needed. On April 29, prison officials in McAlester used a different mixture of drugs for Lockett’s execution after the […]

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    Arizona inmate dies after 2 hour long execution

    (CNN) — Joseph Wood died nearly two hours after the start of his execution Wednesday, his attorney said, saying the Arizona inmate struggled to breathe for much of that time. “It took Joseph Wood two hours to die, and he gasped and struggled to breath for about an hour and 40 minutes. We will renew […]

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    Oklahoma death row inmates file lawsuit against state’s execution procedures

    OKLAHOMA CITY – More than 20 death row inmates in Oklahoma are now asking a federal judge to halt their executions. In all, 21 inmates have now filed a lawsuit, claiming the state’s execution procedures are unconstitutional. They also claim state officials are experimenting with inmates’ lives because the current lethal injection protocols could lead […]

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    Tsunami warning cancelled after 7.9 earthquake in Alaska

    (CNN) — An initial tsunami advisory has been canceled for coastal Alaska. One had been issued after a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck Monday about 15 miles from Little Sitkin Island, Alaska. The quake had a depth of 71 miles, according to seismologists. The town of Adak evacuated its 150 residents to a shelter about 600 […]

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    Georgia man first to be put to death since Oklahoma’s botched lethal injection

    (CNN) — A Georgia man became the first inmate in the United States to be put to death since the botched execution of an Oklahoma man in April. Marcus A. Wellons, 59, was declared dead at 11:56 p.m. Tuesday at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The newspaper […]

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    Bombshell: Executed Oklahoma inmate’s attorneys release shocking findings from autopsy

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  A preliminary autopsy report gives a better idea of what went wrong during a botched execution of an Oklahoma inmate earlier this year. On April 29, Clayton Lockett was scheduled to die by lethal injection. After being injected with a lethal injection drug cocktail, Lockett was conscious, moving and talking throughout the […]

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    Oklahoma lawmaker looks at alternative to execute inmates

    OKLAHOMA – How would you feel about Oklahoma using a firing squad to execute inmates? That’s one option a lawmaker wants the state to consider in the wake of a botched execution in McAlester. Convicted killer Clayton Lockett died of heart attack April 29 – 43 minutes into his execution by lethal injection. Officials say […]

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    Officials: Significant progress made in execution investigation

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The investigation into the controversial Oklahoma execution may be finished sooner than expected. Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson announced Friday that significant progress is being made in the investigation of the events leading up to and during the execution of Clayton Lockett. “In the past four weeks since we have […]

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    Tennessee can now use electric chair when lethal injection drugs unavailable

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Gov. Bill Haslam on Thursday signed a bill allowing Tennessee to electrocute death row inmates when the state is unable to obtain lethal injection drugs. With the governor’s signature, Tennessee becomes the first state to make it mandatory to use the electric chair when lethal injection drugs are unavailable, according to Richard Dieter, […]

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    Court upholds Georgia’s execution-drug secrecy

    GEORGIA – On Monday a Georgia law that shrouds lethal-injection drugs in secrecy was upheld by the state’s highest court. According to NBC News, two justices expressed concern the policy could lead to a repeat of the botched Oklahoma execution. Convicted murderer Warren Lee Hill argued he has a constitutional right to know which compounding pharmacy […]