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Honored Athletes

Cole Parsons was the 2011 – 2012 Scholarship winner. Congratulations


Willis Mallory

Kristen Damphousse

Sage Kimzey

Taylor Hildebrand

Donnie Jones

KayDee Stafford

Doyle Stryker

Kelly Nguyen

Zachary Widener

Christina Short

Gavin Boyer

Savannah Kappell

Landry Chappell

Megan Johnson

Jacob McDonough

Cole Parsons

Shelbi Legg

Shannon Ray

Devin Bockhaus

Mehgan Boissenin

Tyler Melton

Kyndall Muncrief

Kyle Lemmings

Tallie Thompson

Cole Weber

Sydney Postier

Michael Miller

Catie McBay

Collin Bricker

Whitley Williamson

Spencer Venus

Jessica McCadden
Jarod Slavens

Alex Little

Will Paddock

Dietra Reece

Trevor Breedlove