• Meningitis

    Update: Suspected Meningitis outbreak forces one central Oklahoma school to close, test results released

    UNION CITY, Okla. – A local superintendent has cancelled class for the next two days after three cases of meningitis were confirmed. Just before Noon on Tuesday the Oklahoma Health Department says it is NOT bacterial Meningitis but they have not ruled out viral meningitis. Superintendent Todd Carel says he is closing the Union City Public […]

  • Courtesy: CNN/Pool

    Lawyer: Mother, whose son died in hot car in Georgia, passed polygraph test

    (CNN) — The wife of a Georgia man charged with murdering his toddler by leaving the child in a hot car for hours this summer has passed a polygraph test, her lawyer said Monday. So-called lie detector exams are not admissible in Georgia criminal court, and the test given to Leanna Harris was not court-sanctioned. […]

  • Computer typing keyboard

    Hackers reveal what you need to do to stay safe online

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — It’s easy to get hacked. And yes, it can happen to you. Follow this advice from actual hackers, and you’ll be a lot safer online. Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Hackers are religious about this. Keeping these features “on” all the time makes it easy for strangers to slip […]

  • Jen Corn: Power Walker Loses 150 Pounds

    Power walker takes it one step at a time, loses 150 pounds

    (CNN) — In the fall of 2011, Jen Corn was the heaviest she had ever been. At 5 feet 6 inches, Corn weighed more than 300 pounds. Her mother and aunt had just offered to pay for her to have weight-loss surgery. But Corn knew the price tag was hefty: around $15,000. “I told them […]

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell held in press conference in New York on Friday, September 19th, 2014 to address the league's domestic violence issues.
Credit:	CNN

    “I got it wrong,” NFL Commissioner’s handling of domestic violence draws fire

    NEW YORK (CNN) — Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized Friday for what he said was his mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal but vowed “now I will get it right and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that.” Speaking at a Manhattan new conference amid calls for his resignation, Goodell announced […]

  • Credit:	CNN

    Peanut company owner found guilty in deadly salmonella outbreak

    (CNN) — A jury convicted a former peanut company owner Friday of conspiracy, fraud and other federal charges in a landmark case stemming from a deadly salmonella outbreak almost six years ago. The jury’s verdict came after a seven-week trial for Stewart Parnell and his brother and food broker, Michael Parnell, both charged with 76 […]

  • Scotland's voters headed to the polls Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 to cast their ballots in the country's landmark independence referendum.
Credit:	CNN

    Results of Scotland independence referendum show early swing for ‘No’ camp

    Update: 11:00 p.m. – Glasgow delivers a solid win for the independence camp with 194,779 votes for “Yes,” and 169,347 for “No,” but lead is not big enough to overturn the “No” camp’s overall majority so far. GLASGOW, Scotland (CNN) —  Voters in Scotland made their choice Thursday — remain part of the United Kingdom, […]

  • Scotland's voters headed to the polls Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 to cast their ballots in the country's landmark independence referendum.

    Scotland votes ‘no’ to independence in historic referendum

    GLASGOW, Scotland (CNN) — Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom — along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland — following a historic referendum vote. By 55% to 45%, a majority of voters rejected the possibility of Scotland breaking away and becoming an independent nation. UK Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed Scotland’s decision in […]

  • Capture

    Migraines with aura in middle age linked to Parkinson’s disease

    CNN – People who suffer from migraines with aura during middle age have double the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders later in life than those who do not, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Neurology. Migraines are the most common brain disorder in both men and women, according […]

  • Shawnee tornado 1

    New NASA device could help Oklahomans after devastating tornadoes

    (CNN) — Each time your heart beats, your entire body moves — even if you’re unconscious and pinned under a pile of rubble. The vibrations are small, invisible to the human eye, and might just save your life after a major disaster. Researchers at NASA have developed a device that picks up these subtle movements […]

  • School grades A-F grades

    Oklahoma School Report Card: More schools receive an “F”

    OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma State Department of Education released the 2014 A-F Report Card for Oklahoma public schools today. This is the third year of the state issuing the report cards and more than one-third (646) of Oklahoma schools improved their overall score, with 289 schools receiving A’s. However, there was also a rise in “F” schools with […]