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    The latest on the unarmed therapist shot by police, officer named

    MIAMI, Fla. – The police shooting of an African-American caregiver, who was lying in the street trying to help a patient with autism, was accidental, according to the local police union representing the North Miami officer who has now been indentified. The officer is Jonathan Aledda, North Miami City Manager Larry Spring Jr. said at […]


    New tool allowing Oklahoma patients to see surgery results before procedure

    EDMOND, Okla. – When you think of virtual reality, video games may come to mind. But one Edmond plastic surgeon is giving patients an eye-popping experience– changing their bodies, virtually. “We’re taking it from a 3-D image you can see on the computer now getting completely immersed with virtual reality,” Dr. Jayesh, plastic surgeon, said. Dr. […]

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    ‘He missed’: Fla. officer who shot therapist was aiming for man with autism, police say

    NORTH MIAMI, Fla. — New details are emerging in the investigation of a police-involved shooting in North Miami that wounded an unarmed therapist trying to care for a man with autism. Cellphone video taken moments before the shooting shows Charles Kinsey, who is black, holding both hands high in the air as another man sits […]

  • When Zika virus made headlines because of its link with the neurological disorder microcephaly, it became the latest in a growing list of mosquito-borne viruses for Americans to worry about.

    CDC awards Oklahoma $302,000 to help battle Zika

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will award $302,000 to Oklahoma to fight the Zika virus. The award is Oklahoma’s share of about $60 million CDC is awarding to states, cities, and territories to support efforts to protect Americans from Zika virus disease and adverse health outcomes that can result from Zika infection, […]

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    Best of Great State: The Fast Rapper from 2000

      OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — You can search through his extensive tape archives, or you can listen to him live. Or you can just try to listen. “If you don’t think about it,” says fast rapper Jason Heath, “it comes out quick.” After many years and many hours Heath and his mouth have come up […]

  • When Zika virus made headlines because of its link with the neurological disorder microcephaly, it became the latest in a growing list of mosquito-borne viruses for Americans to worry about.

    Florida investigating non-travel related case of Zika

    MIAMI, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health said it is investigating a possible non-travel related case of Zika virus in Miami-Dade County. As of July 13, there have been 1,306 cases of Zika reported in the continental United States and Hawaii, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. None of those has been […]

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    California 10-year-old helping strangers spread kindness during turbulent times

    WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Leah Nelson is only 10-year-old but has been disturbed by the recent events across the country. As a result, she decided to do something. The 10-year-old started the “Becuz I Care” program, which encourages people to show kindness to each other. Nelson loves creating bracelets and decided to put her hobby to good […]

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    “I need to do what’s best for me,” 14-year-old with incurable disease decides to die

    APPLETON, Wis. – Jerika Bolen says she is in constant pain. The 14-year-old suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II, which is a hereditary disease that causes weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles in the arms and legs. It is also associated with an abnormal or missing gene, which can cause the spinal cord […]

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    Yukon business giving away decals to show support for police

    People in Yukon are literally “sticking” with their officers. When he is not embroidering T-shirts and caps Willie Girlinghouse is printing off decals that say “I VALUE YUKON POLICE.” “I just wanted to do something that said, you know, hey thank you. We do value your job,” Girlinghouse said. Since he started handing out the […]

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    Watch Donald Trump take the stage to ‘We Are The Champions’

    CLEVELAND – When Donald Trump walked onto the stage on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Monday, and there was no disguising his intentions. With “We Are The Champions” blaring and the crowd roaring in delight, Trump appeared silhouetted behind a screen, his trademark hairstyle clear against the backdrop. Smoke machines […]

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    Touching moment: Cleveland officer joins group praying for his safety, peace

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – As thousands head to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, security is tight. Protesters took to the streets of Cleveland for a “Stop Trump” rally and march. As a result, police officers are out in force to make sure everything remains peaceful. Before the convention started, cameras were rolling as an officer […]