• Update: City responds to claims of dangerous chemicals in the water

    UPDATE: The Office of the City Manager for Midwest City released more information on Monday evening about the level of contamination. On social media, the office says the Trihalomethane level found in the drinking water was 0.084 for no longer than 60 days, from August to September. The normal level is 0.080 or lower. “Once […]

  • alzehimers

    We may be able to reverse signs of early Alzheimer’s disease

    (CNN) — The woman at the department store bounded toward Julie Gee. “Julie! Hi! How have you been?” she asked. Gee, 49, stared blankly at her. A few uncomfortable seconds passed. “I have no idea who this woman is,” Gee* thought. She felt herself slipping into a sort of cognitive abyss. “Remember, our sons went […]

  • fb

    Judge grants Douglass High School temporary restraining order after botched penalty

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) district took the controversial Douglass-Locust Grove playoff football game from the gridiron to the courtroom Thursday. It paid off, at least for a week, until the next hearing. Oklahoma County District Judge Bernard Jones granted Douglass High School a temporary restraining order that effectively delays the playoff game […]

  • Oklahoma police department using body camera during patrols

    PIEDMONT, Okla. – We’ve seen the results of highly contested police altercations. Like in Ferguson, no matter what side you are on, the world will never see exactly what happened. “I have absolutely no idea what occurred in Ferguson on the day that the young man was killed.However if a body camera would have been […]

  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

    Justice Dept.: Cleveland police have pattern of excessive force

    (CNN) — Cleveland police officers use guns, Tasers, pepper spray and their fists either unnecessarily or in retaliation, while using excessive force on those “who are mentally ill or in crisis,” the Justice Department announced Thursday. Justice Dept. finds the Cleveland Police Dept. systematically engages in excessive use of force against civilians: — Reuters […]

  • An Oklahoma City woman claims she received counterfeit money after cashing her check

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A single mother calls NewsChannel 4 and we get results. She says when she cashed her check at Walmart they gave her a fake one hundred dollar bill. The mother of three says she’s furious and humiliated. She said she tried to use the money to buy groceries and was treated like […]

  • Spinach

    Eating the Mediterranean diet may lead to a longer life

    (CNN) — Eating a Mediterranean diet may be your key to living longer. That’s according to a new study led by Immaculata De Vivo, associate professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School. The diet involves eating items off a menu that is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and peas, […]

  • FSU Football QB Jameis Winston

    FSU Football QB Jameis Winston appears before university student conduct panel

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNN) — Just days before the Florida State Seminoles play for the ACC football championship, star quarterback Jameis Winston is appearing before a panel that can decide whether he will continue as a student at the university. It’s been almost two years since the Heisman Trophy winner was accused of sexually assaulting a […]

  • Credit:	Skip Nocciolo/CNN

    Bill Cosby resigns from Temple University board

    (CNN) — Bill Cosby’s long relationship with his beloved Temple University has come to an end, another effect of the scandal engulfing the once adored television star and comedian. Cosby’s Monday resignation from Temple’s board of trustees, a position he held for 32 years, was first reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Cosby also attended Temple. […]

  • facebook map

    Facebook map shows what each state was thankful for this year

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Around Thanksgiving, people across the country share what they are most thankful for during this time of the year. Now, we’re getting a better look at exactly what people are most thankful for in each state. Facebook statistics analyzed status updates that contained the words “grateful” or “thankful,” along with the word “day” […]

  • crowded parking lot

    Mall parking lot survival tips for holiday shoppers

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The parking lots of malls and shopping centers will be busy places over the next few days, filled with cars, pedestrians and, unfortunately, risk. AAA offers the following tips to help motorists navigate lots and make better, safer decisions to protect their cars and themselves. Eliminate distractions. Turn off or stow cell […]