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    Oklahoma Decides: November election results

    Refresh often for updated returns when polls close. GOVERNOR 1,956 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting MARY FALLIN ✓ 55.82% 459,788 JOE DORMAN 41% 337,728 KIMBERLY WILLIS 2.08% 17,143 RICHARD PRAWDZIENSKI 1.1% 9,102   US SENATOR 1,956 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting JIM INHOFE ✓ 68.02% 557,537 MATT SILVERSTEIN 28.54% 233,932 JOAN FARR 1.29% 10,534 RAY WOODS 1.21% […]

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    Joy Hofmeister elected as Oklahoma’s State School Superintendent

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Republican Joy Hofmeister was elected as Oklahoma’s State School Superintendent Tuesday night. Hofmeister beat out Democratic candidate John Cox. Hofmeister is a former public school teacher and former member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education. She ran on a platform of higher teacher salaries and less standardized testing of students. She said her two […]

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    New superstars, new villains and other takeaways from midterm election

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Democrats entered Tuesday anxious, yet hopeful, that the party would avoid major losses in the midterm election. What little optimism Democrats harbored early in the day had dissipated well before the clock struck midnight. Predictions of a long night, a Senate hanging in the balance waiting for the results of Southern runoffs, […]

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    Election Day 2014: Oklahoma voters go to the polls today

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma voters are heading to the polls for today’s General Election. The polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. today. A lot of key races will be decide today, but the one that most people will be watching is the gubernatorial race. Governor Mary Fallin is trying to win a […]

  • Gov. Mary Fallin

    Mary Fallin re-elected as Oklahoma’s Governor

    OKLAHOMA CITY – According to NBC News, Governor Mary Fallin has been re-elected as Oklahoma’s Governor. This will be Fallin’s second, four-year term in office after stints in the Oklahoma House, as lieutenant governor and two terms in Congress. Her political career has spanned more than 20 years in Oklahoma. Fallin beat out Democratic challenger, Joe Dorman […]

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    U.S. Senate seat goes to Republican James Lankford

    OKLAHOMA CITY – According to NBC News, Republican James Lankford has won the U.S. Senate seat. He went up against Connie Johnson, a Democrat and state lawmaker. Lankford represented the 5th Congressional District before stepping down to run for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s unexpired seat. After winning the U.S. Senate seat, Lankford said he is ready to […]

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    Woman takes wrong cab, winds up in prison

    (CNN) — Most of us have agreed to share a cab with a stranger while traveling, but we haven’t wound up in jail as a result. That wrong-place-wrong-time nightmare scenario, however, is apparently what’s happened to Stacey Addison, an American veterinarian from Oregon, who has been traveling solo around the world since January 2013. According […]

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    Norman student in police custody for drugs, weapons on campus

    NORMAN, Okla. – Norman North High School was put on lockdown for 45 minutes Monday afternoon after drugs and a gun were found in a student’s vehicle, according to officials. Shelly Hickman, director of communications for Norman Public Schools, said an 18-year-old senior at the high school was arrested by police after running from them […]

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    Update: Oklahoma health officials say patient evaluated for Ebola, tests negative

    UPDATE:  11/01/14 The patient in Tulsa testing positive for malaria and being monitored for Ebola has tested negative for the second illness. The CDC tested the patients blood and released the negative results Saturday. The patient will continue to be monitored for the required 21 day isolation person in accordance with the CDC guidelines.   […]

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    Washington school shooting claims third victim

    (CNN) — A third victim of last week’s shooting at a Washington state high school has died, according to the hospital that treated victims. Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14, died Friday afternoon at Providence Regional Medical Center “as a result of severe injuries” from the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. The Chuckulnaskit family released the following statement: […]

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    Good news for same-sex spouses working for the State of Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA – Good news for same-sex spouses working for the State of Oklahoma. The State of Oklahoma employees can now add their same-sex spouses as dependents to their current benefits plan, as well as eligible children. According to the State, this change comes as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases from […]