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    Man charged with driving under the influence after testing positive for caffeine

    FAIRFIELD, Calif. – Joseph Schwab says he couldn’t believe it when he was told that he was being charged with driving under the influence. In 2015, Schwab says he was heading home from work when he was pulled over by an Alcohol Beverage Control agent. Court documents show the agent claimed Schwab was “weaving in and out of traffic almost causing several collisions.” She also wrote that she believed he was under the influence of drugs. The agent reportedly found […]

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    What are heart failure, heart attack and cardiac arrest?

    A string of recent celebrity deaths serves as a stark reminder that cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer around the world. Actress Carrie Fisher died Tuesday morning at age 60 after suffering a massive heart attack days earlier aboard a flight bound for Los Angeles, a family representative confirmed. Singer George Michael died at age 53 on Christmas Day when, according to his manager, his heart “failed” him while lying peacefully in bed. Alan Thicke, “Growing Pains” actor and […]

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    New bill would ban handheld phone calls in the car

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A newly-introduced bill at the state capitol would punish drivers who make handheld phone calls on the road. Sen. Ron Sharp (R-Shawnee) introduced the bill, which builds on last year’s law, banning texting and driving behind the wheel. That bill also forbids writing, reading or checking emails as well as updating social media sites while the car is in motion. “You see it everyday,” Sharp told NewsChannel 4. “You still see men and women texting, and you […]

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    Man slit throat of neighbor’s pit bull after dog attacked his poodle, authorities say

    RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A pit bull in California attacked its neighbor’s poodle-mix puppy, prompting the poodle owner to slit the pit bull’s throat, authorities said this weekend. Both dogs died, and the poodle owner was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. The incident occurred Saturday morning on Hollyhock Lane in Riverside, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. The poodle’s owner, identified as 30-year-old Rudy Jesus Barajas, was released from custody on Sunday. He is due in court Feb. […]

  • **Embargo: San Francisco-Oakland, CA**

Officials say at least nine people are dead and several are missing after a fire at a building in Oakland.

    Families of Ghost Ship victims file lawsuit against departments who allegedly knew of the building’s hazards

    OAKLAND, Calif. – A slew of people, including the building owner and various city and county departments, knew Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse posed dangers long before a deadly blaze killed 36 people earlier this month, the parents of two partygoers who perished have alleged in lawsuits. Among those who should’ve been aware of the hazards are members of the Oakland Fire Department who “attended and held a music event” there prior to the deadly fire, the lawsuits say without elaborating. […]

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    Soccer player returns to the field after heart transplant

    CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. – For any high school coach, all you can ask from your athletes is to play with heart. East Pennsboro Senior Joe Mansaray embodies that sentiment in a way you can’t even imagine. Two years ago, Mansaray was a rising star in high school soccer. But the summer before his junior year, he started having trouble breathing and he didn’t know why. The Pennsylvania teen thought it was just a cold. It turned out to be something […]

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    “That’s what happens when you steal,” Man’s killers post his murder on his own Snapchat account

      MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Investigators say a 20-year-old man is dead, and his murder was captured on social media. According to WITI, 20-year-old Devin Katzfey and 20-year-old Sarah Zakzesky are facing first-degree reckless homicide charges in connection with the death of Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro. Prosecutors say Mendoza-Chaparro was brutally beaten, and the attack was posted to his own Snapchat account. WITI reports the first video shows a close image of Mendoza-Chaparro’s face. He was battered, but he still appeared to be […]

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    Why this man injects himself with snake venom

    As he approached his 50th birthday, Steve Ludwin felt like he might finally be growing out of his long-term habit. For nearly 30 years, he has been injecting himself with snake venom out of sheer curiosity, despite receiving multiple warnings from researchers and medical experts the practice was extremely dangerous and could endanger his life. It instead took some severe bites from a snake – two in the past year – for Ludwin to begin understanding just how reckless his […]

  • Sneeze

    Health officials: First flu death of the season recorded in Johnston County

    JOHNSTON COUNTY, Okla. – Oklahoma health officials say one person has died as a result of the flu this season. On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that a Johnston County resident died from flu. Officials say this is the first flu death of the season, which began in October. Since Sept. 1, the department says 54 Oklahomans have been hospitalized because of the virus. So far, health experts say most of the patients have been over the age […]

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    Firefighters from Saudi Arabia visit Oklahoma for training

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Firefighters from Saudi Arabia are visiting Oklahoma City as part of a professional training program. The Journal Record  reports the International Association of Fire Chiefs recently entered into an agreement with Aramco Training Services Co., the U.S.-based subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company. Under that agreement, Saudi Aramco employees are traveling to the country to see how other departments work. Eight Saudi Aramco employees have been placed with the Oklahoma City station company for six months. […]

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    Oklahoma City fire crews battle blaze at commercial building

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Thick black smoke caused trouble for firefighters battling a blaze at a commercial building on Tuesday afternoon. Around 1 p.m., firefighters with the Oklahoma City Fire Department were called to a commercial fire at a building in the 5400 block of N.W. 5th St. When crews arrived on the scene, they found smoke pouring from the building. As firefighters were trying to go into the structure to better fight the blaze, heavy smoke was making it extremely […]