The 4Warn text alert system will subscribe you to alerts from the National Weather Service as they are issued. NOTE: alerts can be issued at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. You must be comfortable receiving text alert notifications at any time in the 24-hour day. The below is a complete list of alerts you are agreeing to receive by subscribing to 4Warn text alerts. At this time, only the entire list of alerts can be subscribed to as opposed to individual alerts. Thank you for using 4Warn text alerts!

Air Quality Freeze Storm
Drifting Snow
Blizzard Heavy Snow Tornado
Extreme Cold High Wind Tropical Storm
Flood Sleet Wind Chill
Flash Flood Ice Storm Wind
Dense Fog Areal Flood Winter Storm
Flood Snow and Blowing Snow Winter Weather
Dense Smoke Freezing Fog Frost
Snow Freezing Rain