2013-14 marks the 23rd year of KFOR’s Weatherschool program, and we’d like to bring Weatherschool to YOU! Weatherschool is a great way for kids to learn about Oklahoma’s ever-changing weather in a lively format with the most trusted weather experts in Oklahoma, the KFOR 4Warn Storm Team. Each year, 20 Oklahoma public schools are chosen to have one of our award-winning meteorologists visit the campus and share science and weather insights with students in a fun and interactive way. Best of all, Weatherschool is FREE to all schools, teachers, and students. Through the generous support of American Fidelity Educational Services, all Weatherschool visits and resources are provided at no cost to thousands of Oklahomans. Signing up is free and easy. Just visit the Weatherschool website by clicking here to download your free Teacher Guide, sign up your classroom, and take full advantage of everything Weatherschool has to offer. Your kit features 20 distinct weather topics, grouped into four teaching units, that are sure to excite your students and enrich their learning. For more information, or to schedule a Weatherschool visit, please contact Tiffany Stocker at Tiffany.Stocker@kfor.com. Please include grade level and number of students, 3 preferred dates (Oct 13-April 14), and preferred times. Remember, space is limited to 20 Oklahoma schools each year. Thanks for reading, and tune in to Mike Morgan’s Weatherschool Question of the Day every weekday at 6pm, only on NewsChannel 4. See you in Weatherschool!

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