100 Pounds in 107 Days

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CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA— Breakfast this morning is carrots and apples. Steve Crider won’t be eating them though. He’ll be drinking them. “It’s a great way to start your day,” he says. “We just start shoving the carrots in,” he says as his juicer warms up.  For him the Christmas CHOPPING season never stops. Just about everything he consumes is raw and in liquid form. “I have carrots and apples with parsley or spinach in it every single morning.”

It’s a pretty radical departure from what Steve used to eat. Until the morning of August 3, 2011 his diet consisted of meat and potatoes. The potatoes usually came in the form of chips. And he watched lots of TV. “I was pretty deep into the standard, American, sad diet,” he says. He had a juicer then but never used it. He’d seen some literature but ignored it. Then on the night of August 2nd Crider threw a one man pizza party. “I ordered a thin crust, large, Dominoes pizza and ate the whole thing.”

There are lots of people who can point to a scale and boast they dropped a few pounds. Steve Crider laid it all on the line through social media. He documented his 107 day, all juice journey through dozens of videos on YouTube and Facebook. As the weight went down his page counts went up. “In a hundred twenty days I’ve gotten 26 thousand,” he says. “If I could just bottle they way I feel and let someone experience that for five minutes and they would change their life.”

He weighed close to 350 pounds at the beginning of his ‘juice fast’. By mid November he weighed in just under 340. He ate a salad for Thanksgiving. He likes a little fresh squeezed orange juice for snack. He shared a glass and we both found it quite filling.”This is real OJ,” he says. “Not like orange water that you buy in the store.”

So far the weight is still off even though he’s back to some solid foods. To strangers Crider comes off like the newly converted. He can’t wait to show everyone what he’s done. Now, he even has a new goal: to replace the leftover flab with musle by Springtime.

If you want, you can check on his progress every day.

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