Family of four loses everything in house fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Harris family came home from a birthday party early Sunday morning to find the house of their dreams burned to the ground.  Derek Harris spent two years building the family home himself. 

“I did concrete countertops, I did everything.  Oak wood, hardwood floors,” said Derek. 

The home is on the outskirts of Oklahoma City near Newalla. 

Derek says it took firefighters about twenty minutes to even find the home. 

And then he says they had to bring water in because there are no fire hydrants in the rural area.  

Derek, his wife Amy, 3 year old son, Tucker and one year old son, Tanner were all out of the home at the time. 

“It's the last thing you think of.  It doesn't seem real,” said Amy.  Tucker lost all of his things, including the bike santa had just brought him.  “And the seat got burned away and the tires,” said Tucker.    

The Harris family was able to salvage precious little. 

“We went scrubbing through there to try to find our wedding rings because our wedding rings were in there. 

I just found a little piece of gold,” said Derek. 

A tiny piece of a wedding ring and a couple hundred pictures that miraculously survived the fire in photo albums are all the family has left. 

But they're grateful they have each other. 

“They said it was a pretty fast moving fire.  I'm glad we weren't there.  No telling what could've happened,” said Derek.  

Derek says they did have insurance and that they plan to rebuild in the same spot. 

And Tucker says he plans to help his dad “fix” their house.

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