More bad news for those waiting on storm shelters

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Another disappointment for Oklahomans waiting anxiously to get their storm shelters installed. The company they purchased them from, Extreme Shelters, told us they were understaffed and trying to get the work in. Now the company owner seems to have disappeared.

In fact, since the story first aired, we have received six more complaints about the company.

Last week, a representative with Extreme Shelters told us they honestly were trying to fulfill everyone's needs.

However, since that call their phones have been disconnected and their customers are getting worried.

Lori Chaffe ordered a shelter from Extreme Shelters after her home was destroyed by a tornado.

She says, “The May 24 tornado, the eye hit our home.”

Chaffe's family lost everything when the deadly tornado ripped through the Piedmont area.

Only one wall of their house could even be found.

They decided to stay on the property but not without a storm shelter.

The company they chose, Extreme Shelters.

Chaffe says, “They told us if we paid in full we would be top on the list and in six to eight weeks we would have our shelter.”

So they paid $3,900 on Sept. 18.

After six weeks, Lori finally reached the company and was eventually told it would be January.

She says Extreme Shelters told her they were backed up after moving offices.

Chaffe says, “I waited. January rolls around and no shelter. I called them everyday.”

But no word.

She then saw our story with the Gardners, who had also paid in full.

Friday morning she reached the owner of Extreme Shelters.

Chaffe says, “He told me he didn't have any idea you guys were doing a story and that he couldn't give me a date of installation because if the day came and went I would be mad.”

Though our phone records showed a call from Extreme Shelters last Thursday night at 10:14 p.m.

Monday we once again went to Extreme Shelter's Edmond office; no one answered.

We also tried both numbers we have for the company and got this same message saying the number was no longer in service.

Chaffe fears her money is gone.

She's just hoping her family can figure out something before storm season strikes.

She says, “It's just heart wrenching. I mean, my son is still terrified.”

She says the owner actually told her that her shelter is done it just needs to be installed.

He said it was a staffing issue and he would be there as soon as he could. 

An Extreme Shelters employee told us they may be going through a change in ownership; however, we have not been able to confirm that at this time.

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