Men uninjured in massive explosion

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KINGFISHER, Okla. — Eddie Dean is a welder by trade. He says it's not typically very dangerous work. But Dean had a front row seat to a massive explosion on Friday the 13. “I just remember looking around and things were just cars were blown up and buildings were blown apart. And I was just like wow,” said Dean. 

Dean and three other men were welding on a tank at the D&K Oilfield Services lot in Kingfisher. 

When Dean went to put his torch to the metal… “When I went to strike an arc, it just went boom. And that was it,” Dean said.

The side and bottom of the tank blew out. 

Windows on the nearby building were shattered. 

And a huge metal valve crashed through the window of a car parked close by.

But the truly amazing part of this story is that Dean and the other men did not have one scratch on their bodies. 

“I guess God's not done with me,” Dean said. “Truly amazed. I mean, I don't know how they survived it without a scratch. So I mean God was looking out for them I guess,” Doug Criss said, owner of D&K Oilfield Services.

Kingfisher firefighters felt it at the station about a mile away and assumed they were dealing with something really bad. 

“We felt the windows shake and the building shake and we heard a boom. And we didn't know what it was.  We thought it might've been an earthquake,” Kingfisher Fire Lt. Ryan Gibson said.

“I couldn't believe there wasn't anyone hurt. I mean, with four guys around it. It's pretty amazing,” Gibson said.

Officials say the men probably survived because they were all at the front of the tank and the explosion mainly went out towards the back. 

Dean is glad he survived to tell the tale and work another day. 

And he says he has more to do in this life. 

“When God's ready for me, he'll take me and there's nothing I can do about it. So I'll just take it how it comes.”

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