Woman finds rock thrown through car window

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STROUD, Okla. — When Stroud resident Megan Byrd went out to her car Monday morning, she found glass from her car window all over the ground. “I was freaking out because this is my fiance's car,” she says.

Her fiance is serving in the Army National Guard right now in the Middle East.

The damage will cost him more than $200 to repair.

But what she found inside her car is what really frightens her.

The crook threw a massive rock, more than a foot long, through her passenger window in the middle of the night.

If Megan had been inside the vehicle, she could have been seriously hurt.

“It makes me feel very unsafe,” she says. “You never know if they're going to come breaking in through your front door or harm you when you're trying to walk outside at night to get in your vehicle.”

The vandals didn't take her digital camera sitting inside.

Police believe the goal was destruction.

Megan says a similar incident happened to her cousin's car in that neighborhood recently.

Across the street, neighbor Billy Lakey shows us where a dozen eggs were thrown at his house last year.

Some of them can still be seen on his roof.

This, after his pickup truck was spray painted on the street.

“If I get my hands on you, you know, you've had it,” he says.

Billy worries the vandals will escalate their behavior, perhaps even start breaking into homes.

But he's confident neighbors who are fed up with being victims would fight back with deadly force.

“You don't want that, but if nothing is going to be done, sooner or later, you know, enough's enough.”

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