Email scam falsely claims to be Cox Communications

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OKLAHOMA CITY — This 78-year-old Oklahoma City woman is known by many as the Director of the Oklahoma Seniors Cabaret. Joan Colee is all about keeping seniors healthy and active, and looking out for them.

“I’ve had a lot of fast ones pulled on me but you grow from that and you hopefully get a little bit smarter and you don’t fall for every story you hear,” she said.

So when Colee got a strange email that appeared to be from Cox Communications, she was troubled.

“Its subject is ‘upgrade your account.’”

The email then says they are “currently performing maintenance on our Digital webmail Server” and that customers should confirm email ID, Password and date of birth.

At the bottom, a warning, that if the account owner doesn’t do this within seven days, the account holder will lose the account permanently.

That really caught Colee’s attention.

“I think people who do what they’re supposed to do without thinking about it would just fill this out and send it,” she said.

We talked to Christine Martin at Cox Communications.

She told us Colee was right to be suspicious and

“We do not send emails requesting personal information. This is not from us for sure,” Martin said.

Colee hopes others don’t fall victim.

“I just think the public needs to know that right here in front of you is a real scam,” Colee said.

Cox says they have a place to report emails like this.

Just go to to register your complaint.