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Getting down and dirty in the Bricktown Canal

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OKLAHOMA CITY — If you make a trip to downtown Oklahoma City this month, you're going to notice something is missing from the Bricktown canal, the water! Drained in about 14 hours crews are getting into the waterway and cleaning up.

The Parks and Recreation Department is just beginning.

They will spend the next three to four weeks on the project.

It is an undertaking the city tackles every three or four years.

This is the third time.

Crews have found lots of beer bottles, kiddie toys, tea cups, two shopping carts, two shoes, apparently not from the same owner.

Jennifer McClintock, the spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department, says, “It's a way for our crews to get in, clean out debris and make certain that the drains and infrastructure of the canal are still in good working order.”

Crews are working under a very firm deadline.

The project absolutely has to be done by Valentine’s Day.