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Nephew arrested for beating 80-year-old uncle with board

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HYDRO, Okla. –An elderly Oklahoma man is recovering in the hospital after a vicious beating. Police in Hydro have arrested a man they say is responsible for the attack and they didn't have to look far to find their suspect.

When police got on scene they found the victim, an 80-year-old man, in the middle of the floor with severe trauma, beaten with a liquor bottle and a two by four. 

Not long afterwards they took the man they say did it into custody.

“I see him in the summer time,” neighbor Travis Colvard said. “He'll be sitting out front.”

This time of year the bitter wind keeps the chairs on 80-year-old Richard Sweeney's porch company.

He won't be home for a while after police found him severely beaten behind the doors of his own home.

“I could tell that he had been beaten pretty bad. There was a lot of trauma,” Hydro police chief Michael Sanders said. “I called first responders and called for an ambulance.”

“There was a bunch of OSBI people out there,” Colvard said. “There were cops around.”

Hydro police say they got a call from Richard's nephew, 49-year-old Scott Sweeney, but once they got there the nephew's story kept changing.

“It started out initially that three people had knocked on the door and knocked him out, etc, etc,” Sanders said.

Police say he soon admitted to the crime.

“He was really vague about it. People try to justify their actions when they do something like that,” Sanders said.

Police say Scott Sweeney had been drinking and court records show the suspect squeezed various parts of Richard's body and struck him on the head with a liquor bottle.

Authorities say a two by four was also used in the assault.

“There was a lot of trauma to his body,” Sanders said.

“That's not right. Senior citizen? You shouldn't do that,” Colvard said.

Richard's family says he is doing better and recovering in the hospital.

As for his nephew, Scott Sweeney is in the Caddo County jail and is charged with one felony count of aggravated assault and battery.