Cat scratch fever in Norman

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NORMAN, Okla. — An Oklahoma mother is warning parents about a strange problem at a metro park. It seems stray cats are taking over Reaves Park in Norman. They look cute but have a serious scratch and bite for those who come close.

The Norman Police Department says they are aware of the problem and have called in a group, “Hands Helping Paws,” to remove the cats from the playground.

Major Kevin Foster with the Norman Police Department says, “We don’t want to shut down the park because it is such an attraction. You can see how large it is and how nice it is. We don’t want to shut down the park waiting to capture these cats.”

The city says someone will be out at the park this week, and next if needed, to try to round up the rest of the frisky felines.

They will be watched for 10 days after that to make sure there is no threat of rabies.