Charge filed against Extreme Shelters owner

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MOORE, Okla. — Charges have been filed against the owner of a metro storm shelter company, Extreme Shelters. The owner is accused of taking money and never delivering the shelters. It’s a story we’ve been following for a couple of weeks now.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn says, “Anytime you take money and don’t do the job, you talk someone into work they don’t need, then you are guilty of home repair fraud.”

The Cleveland County District Attorney’s office has now filed one felony charge of home repair fraud against Daniel Finch, the owner of Extreme Shelters.

Court records allege Finch knowingly used “deception and false pretenses” when accepting $4,000 for a storm shelter he never installed.

Mashburn says, “It would fall under the general felony statute, which could carry up to five years and a fine.”

A Moore resident filed a police report, saying he saw a News Channel 4 report on Extreme Shelters.

The victim said he had not been able to contact the company and that he had paid them in full.

Earlier this month we profiled other customers with similar stories.

District Attorney Mashburn encourages anyone who feels they have been a victim of fraud to contact police or the district attorney.

Mashburn says, “If there are other people that come forward, we can always add charges as people come forward, which happens a lot actually.”

We did manage to contact Daniel Finch by phone Wednesday morning.

He says he is working to get a refund to every one of his customers.

He said he is doing the best he can and going as fast as he can.

He says he feels like no one is giving him a chance to make things right.

At the time of the phone call, he was unaware of the charge he is now facing and referred us to his attorney regarding that.

We tried numerous times to contact Mr. Finch’s attorney and left several messages with his secretary.

The attorney never returned the calls.

Mashburn says if Mr. Finch does refund the money, they will re-examine the charge.

We tried to talk with the man who filed the police report; he was unable to meet us because of his work schedule.