OK student makes perfect ACT score

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford is perhaps Putnam City North’s most famous graduate. But 18-year-old Lucas Adams just may be the academic equivalent.

Adams said, “I don’t know about that. I do my best. I practice academics maybe as much as he practiced athletics. But we have a lot of smart kids at this school.”

Luke is extremely modest.

He is among the nation’s elite and has the ACT score to prove it!

The Putnam City North senior told us, “I came home from school and my mom said she has something to show me. It was on the computer screen.”

A perfect 36, staring him straight in the face!

And this high school senior didn’t even bring his “A” game to test day.

He said, “I got sick the night before. That morning I had a 101 degree fever.”

Lucas says his parents always encouraged and helped him.

He also credits the dedicated teachers at PC North for his academic success.

According to Adams, “I owe a lot to my teachers. I’ve asked a lot of questions. I’m very inquisitive, they say.”

The “Panther” says he’s a normal high schooler.

He plays trombone in the marching band and piano on Sunday mornings at church.

He’s now looking forward to the rigors of college.

Adams is leaning toward biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins.

We asked him if he will be the one who finds a cure for cancer?

“Maybe,” he said.

The future is bright and the possibilities endless for this National Merit Scholar.

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