Saving a Buck: To tip or not to tip?

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OKLAHOMA CITY — We all agree good customer service should be rewarded. Waiters, hair stylists, even the bag boy who loads your groceries works hard for a little financial incentive. But some folks think tipping has gone too far.

Everywhere you go, it seems everyone wants a handout.

So, when and where is it appropriate to give a tip?
Etiquette expert Carey Sue Vega says it’s discretionary.

“If someone goes above and beyond, maybe puts extra syrup on your sundae or cheese on your pizza, then yes, a tip is appropriate.”

How about Starbucks or Jamba Juice where clerks custom make your beverage?

There is usually a tip jar at the register, staring you in the face.

Vega says, “If your barista is making some special just for you, then you should absolutely drop some change in the jar.”

Many Oklahomans wonder about takeout food.

If you call in an order, drive to the restaurant and carry out the meal, is that worthy of a tip?

We talked to the manager at Stars & Stripes Pizza in Oklahoma City who said, “No. It’s not expected. But tips are always appreciated.”

Most receipts these days have a line designated for tipping.

From self-serve yogurt to bowling alleys, some people feel guilted into giving a tip, just because it’s on the ticket.

But experts say most credit card receipts are automatically printed with the tip line and it’s not necessary to throw in an extra buck or two.

The bottom line, our expert Vega said, “Every situation is different and it’s really up to YOU whether or not you want to reward customer service.”

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