Bakers petition for new Cottage Food Law

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OKLAHOMA CITY — One issue some Oklahoma voters are hoping the legislators can find room for is called the Cottage Food Law. It has not been written as a bill, but is a petition making its way around the state.

While many Oklahomans make a living selling homemade goods, those who enjoy baking are unable to do so without a commercial kitchen because of our state’s food and health laws.

Now an Oklahoma woman has started a petition she hopes will get Oklahoma legislators to help these entrepreneurs.

Tina Curtis loves to bake.
Most of her cakes are donated to Oklahoma foster children, but Tina would love to be able to sell her cakes.

Tina says, “It’s one of those things when something is made custom for you and you see it and you open it up, it brightens your day and makes you feel good. And I love to help people feel like that.”

The cost to open a bakery is simply too much and so is transforming her kitchen to meet current state health guidelines.

Tina says, “If I were to have a commercial kitchen, I would have to remodel this house and add the space on.”

So, she started a petition to get Oklahoma law makers to put what’s known as a Cottage Food Law in place allowing bakers who make less than $50,000 to sell their products and still be under the oversight of the Department of Health without having a commercial kitchen.

Rep. Skye McNeil says, “It’s entrepreneurs wanting to do something to make a little extra cash and I support that.”

McNeil says, at this point, it would be a battle to get a bill in this session.

But, the more signatures Tina’s petition gets the better chance it has in the future.

McNeil says, “The more people across the state go and sign this, the more representatives are going to get it, and a letter from their constituents, and it will bring more awareness.”

Which could possibly result in action down the road.

The products would have to be labeled as “home baked” under the Cottage Food Law.

Several states, including Texas, already have similar laws.

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