Mother accused of punching teachers

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SPENCER, Okla. — An Oklahoma City mother is arrested after allegedly assaulting two different teachers at two different schools. School officials say the mother’s tirade started at Willow Brook Elementary school as she was dropping off her children.

“The parent was approached by a teacher who said good morning and then the parent responded by assaulting the teacher. She actually hit the teacher in the back of the head,” Tierney Tinnen said, spokesperson for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

The mother left her children at school, then headed up the road to Rogers Middle School where she had a meeting set up with the principal concerning her 7th grader there.

The same thing happened at Rogers.

“She was approached by another teacher who said good morning and recognized the student and said hello and then the parent responded by assaulting that teacher as well,” Tinnen said.

A campus resource officer detained the mother until Spencer police could arrive.

That’s when 41-year-old Everlyn Davis was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail.

“We’re not really sure what prompted her to react in this way but we want her and all parents and community members to know that when you walk into our buildings, you are a role model for our students. And that’s not the type of activity that our students need to see or deserve to see,” Tinnen said.

A 5th grader at Willow Brook Elementary, Caleb Albee, said he witnessed the assault.

“I thought it was pretty scary,” Caleb said. “There was this parent and she accidentally scared the P.E. teacher and she was like, ‘Did I scare you? I didn’t scare you yet.’ And that’s when she started saying the cuss word. And then she smacked my PE teacher right in the face.”

Caleb’s mother says she’s glad the woman was arrested.

“Parents shouldn’t be doing that, especially in front of children, they really shouldn’t,” Nicole Albee said.

School officials say the two employees who were assaulted were not teachers to this woman’s children.

Those employees were sent home for the rest of the day Monday, but are expected to be just fine.

School officials did not know if those employees intended to press charges.