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GOP presidential candidate stops in OK

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Republican Candidate Rick Santorum has been gaining momentum in the race for the Republican nomination. He’s in second place for the number of delegates won so far.

Santorum won caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado this week and was declared the winner in Missouri’s non-binding primary.

Thursday he was in Oklahoma, speaking to a group Thursday morning at the Magnuson Hotel at I-40 and Meridian.

Rick Santorum started his morning at H&H Range in Oklahoma City.
It was a quick stop before his next campaign event.

Miles Hall, with H&H Range, says, “It’s exciting! Any time a presidential candidate comes to Oklahoma it’s awesome, but to come to our store makes it even more awesome.”

At the hotel, people were packed in wall-to-wall.

Santorum touched on all the issues from healthcare, to oil and pipelines.
He focused much of his time on the issues of energy and manufacturing.

He says both are keys to improving the economy in our country.

Santorum says, “We’ve got low natural gas prices. We’ve got available labor, people who want to work, but we have a president with environmental policy who doesn’t want manufacturers in this country.”

He also pointed to one reason he would be a better candidate for president than the current GOP front runner, former Massachusetts’s Governor Mitt Romney.

Santorum says, “Governor Romney’s ‘Romneycare’ is identical on a state level to ‘Obamacare.’ So, we’d have a nominee who simply can’t make the case.”

Arlene Blanchard, a Santorum supporter, says, “I think he has captured what we here in Oklahoma believe. It was what we need, that shot of energy our nation needs.”

Santorum stuck around for a brief chat with the media, talking about how he relates with Oklahomans.

He says, “I look at how Oklahoma votes and the plans I have for the country and I think we are at sync with voters in this state.”

Santorum stuck around for about an hour and a half total before making his way on to Tulsa for another speech this afternoon.