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Suspects in mother’s murder-for-hire held without bond

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OKLAHOMA CITY — An accused killer admits to his role in a murder for hire scheme in Midwest City. Police arrested Broderic Glover Wednesday night. Glover is accused of murdering Midwest City mother of two, Jessica Brown, inside her home last month.

Police believe Glover acted as the triggerman, but the crime was allegedly plotted by the victim’s estranged husband and his girlfriend.

All three are now being held without bond at the county jail.

Aside from her name, Emily Matheson stays quiet during a video court hearing.
Yet police believe she is one of the masterminds behind the murder.

Investigators say Broderic Glover confessed to shooting Jessica Brown as she slept in her bed.

“You know how cold and calculated he is with his involvement in the crime. He shot Jessica Brown as she laid with her two children next to her in the bedroom,” Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said.

Investigators believe Glover agreed to kill Brown for just $250.

“I don’t know how to describe it. He’s a cold-blooded killer. If he’ll do it for that, there’s no telling what else he’d do. We’re fortunate he’s in custody,” Clabes said.

The victim’s estranged husband, Fabion Brown, didn’t say anything to a judge Thursday, but on his way to jail Wednesday he maintained his innocence.

“I’m not a violent person. I don’t believe in hurting anyone,” Brown said.

Yet the words of his co-defendants tell a much different story.

According to court records, Matheson and Glover talked briefly after the murder.  Matheson admitted to getting a two-word phone call from Glover after the killings saying “It’s done.”

“He’s matter of fact about it. If there’s a definition of cold-blooded killer, Glover would be the poster child for that,” Clabes said.

As for how the defendants knew each other, police say Glover and Fabion Brown worked together at a club.

At the time of her death, Brown was six months pregnant with her third child.