Man’s body found on side of Choctaw street

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CHOCTAW, Okla. — Choctaw Police are investigating a homicide. They say there hasn’t been a murder in Choctaw in four years, but this morning that all changed. Choctaw Police Chief Connie Clay says, “Evidence at the scene has us believe that the body was killed sometime between midnight and this morning.”

Choctaw Police and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are trying to find out how a man’s body ended up along a rural Choctaw road.

They say a passerby alerted them to the death.

Clay says, “They called and reported that there was a body along the side of the road.”

Police say it does not appear to be case of hit and run; they believe somebody killed 29-year-old Robert Lynn Coy and then left his body there.

Authorities are not releasing much information but passersby called KFOR saying the victim appeared to be beaten beyond recognition.

Police say the weather early Tuesday morning likely played a role in how long the victim was there.

Clay says, “He’s just on the side of the road but with the dense fog last night, it made it difficult and no one saw him.”

Choctaw Police have called in the OSBI to help in the investigation since this is something they rarely encounter.

Clay says, “We’re a very small agency. We don’t have a lot of the resources they have and that’s why we called OSBI to help us.”

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