Update: Notorious Scammer Still At It

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EDMOND, OK - We have new complaints against a notorious Edmond scam artist. We've been warning you about Brian Krafton for more than two years now.

The roofing contractor already pled guilty to cheating customers in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties and now it appears he's targeting Oklahomans who need help with their finances.

Krafton's ripped off countless customers, most recently a Spencer church.

He's stiffed employees and subcontractors, posed as a fake charity, allegedly staged several break-ins at his former office and he stole a former employee's identity.

Krafton is also accused of running the same scam in Michigan where he had his contracting license yanked.

He not only continues to run his roofing company in Oklahoma, but now he's even selling himself as a credit service organization specializing in helping bankrupt and financially strapped Oklahomans.

We again stopped by Krafton's office unannounced.

He refused to come out of his office.

News Channel 4's Scott Hines asked him how he was qualified to help people with their finances.

Krafton replied, "I've had many rental properties and I've owned a business for 25 years man."

According to the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit, Krafton isn't a licensed credit service organization in our state.

We don't recommend doing business with most credit repair services, especially one with Krafton's name on it.

The scam artist is currently serving deferred sentences in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties.

Should he slip up, a judge can throw him in prison.

We'll keep you posted.

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