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Windstorm damages cars, dealership

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EDMOND, Okla. — An Edmond car dealership sustained significant damages when the high winds blew through the metro area Monday evening. The massive winds blew over four light poles at Edmond Hyundai on the Broadway Extension.  

Those light poles smashed into and damaged several vehicles. 

“It lasted all of about 15, 16 seconds and it all cleared up. And we walked out to see what was going on and was surprised to see how much damage it was,” general sales manager Phil Wartley said.

The folks who work at Edmond Hyundai say they thought a tornado was coming and were running to take cover. 

“It actually sounded like a tornado. I’m not even joking. I’ve been in a tornado. It had the same sounds to it. Just a lot quicker,” Wartley said. 

The winds blew out one of the dealership’s windows, scattering glass over the showroom floor. 

“Then the glass hit the glass, the glass shattered and at that time I started running down the hallway for safety,” Wartley said. “We hear, you know, light poles coming down, windows crashing, so it was a pretty crazy deal,” sales manager Brandon Armstrong said.

Crews worked to lift the poles off the damaged vehicles and secure others that were still swaying in the strong winds. 

Although there was quite a bit of damage, employees were happy no one was injured in the freak windstorm. 

Employees estimate it damaged about seven or eight cars, one valued at $50,000.