IYC Team Tracks Down Christmas Light Installer

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EDMOND, OK - Our In Your Corner team continues to investigate complaints against a local Christmas light installer.

Several homeowners, including Reggie Williams, say Matt Bennett did a lousy job hanging their Christmas lights.

"The work he did on the trees had to be taken off," Williams said. "We had to hire someone else to come back and do it correctly."

Bennett's also accused of using another company's logo on his business card to mislead customers.

The Christmas light installer admitted to "In Your Corner" he's been handing out a previous employer's business card and simply forgot to mark through their logo.

Bennett claims he worked for another Christmas light installation company, Christmas Décor, as a decorating consultant several years ago.

Christmas Décor however had no record of Bennett's employment.

"Bennett is not an employee of Christmas Decor Inc. nor is he affiliated or an agent of any active Christmas Decor franchise," Greg Shults, Christmas Décor spokesperson, said. "We regret that our name, image and federally trademarked logo have been unwittingly used in a manner to defraud customers."

Bennett stands by his story and says he did everything in his power to make the Williams happy.

Our conversation ended with Bennett agreeing to give back the Williams a full refund of $350.

It might be awhile though since Bennett said he's in-between jobs.

Anyone selecting a professional Christmas light installer should make sure that person is insured.

Request a list of their personal references and always get a guarantee in writing just in case something happens with the lights later on.

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