Mom for a Month

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. — It’s funny how a good story stays with you. Trina Ramirez finds herself lost in good books. Then there are our personal stories, the best and most dramatic of which we read over and over in our heads. “Yeah, you know you always wonder,” she says, “And you can’t stop.”

23 years ago she was already a mother of 3 when the phone rang. It was a friend calling to ask a big favor. She had a newborn baby, her daughter’s. They were giving it up for adoption but there were complications on both sides. Could she take this little boy for a while? Trina said yes. “I had his bassinet right next to my bed and he would sleep all night as long as he held onto my pinkey finger.”

She was mom for a month. To Trina the time went by all too fast. The adoption eventually went through. The baby left one day and life went back to normal. But she kept thinking about the mother who had to let go, about the boy who might someday wonder why. “You can’t write the child a letter,” she says. “You can’t tell the child ‘I love you but I can’t take care of you’. You can’t tell them anything.”

Right after he left she sat down to write a story about a caged bird who helps her offspring escape to live a free life without her. ‘Teeny Tiny Baby Bird’ was her message to him wherever he might be. “I wrote it for him 23 years ago,” says Ramirez. “He turned 23 this last Thanksgiving and if my baby bird is out there and he wants to fly home he’s got a mom, and a grandmother, and lots of other family who are desperate to see him.”

The story existed as lines in a notebook until a few months ago when her husband showed it to someone, who then showed in to someone else. Now that story is a published book, dedicated to an anonymous 23 year old young man who was given up twice so he could find his own way free.

The book is available through Tate Publishing. Trina Ramirez issues an open invitation for that baby bird to fly in anytime.

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