Okla. girl gets presidential pen pal

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OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma girl seems to be making herself a presidential pen pal. The first grader has written the president several times and this week got a special gift from the White House.

Full disclosure here, this girl is the daughter of one of our KAUT producers; despite that we thought the story was worth sharing.

Ana Klein says, “I know he has a dog. He lives at the White House. Hmm…”

Ana Klein is pretty young.

She says, “I’m in first grade and I’m seven.”

However, that hasn’t stopped her.
She’s now written our country’s president several times and her letters are about serious issues.

She says, “The first time there was like a law I wanted about not hunting animals. But fishing is fine.”

Ana isn’t just concerned about animal rights, she’s written the president about the environment as well.

Her teacher, Ms. Burman says, “She’s a bright girl. She can read and write. She’s very ambitious.”

In the past Ana just got a letter back from the White House.

This time, after sending the president a Christmas card, she got more than just a letter, a whole packet came.

Ana says, “I got an autograph. I got a picture of the president’s dog, Bo.”

Along with another letter, a card and a several other things.

Ana brought the packet to school to share with her classmates.
She was pretty excited to get this gift.

Ana says she doesn’t know if she will write the president again, it just depends on whether she finds another issue she wants him to be aware of.

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