Suspect tased numerous times before surrender

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EDMOND, Okla.  — Erin Ohmart loves living in old Edmond. She says it’s usually quaint and quiet. “Not much action. Lots of kids and dogs. That’s about it.” But things got a little crazy one recent night when police tried to pull over Gavio Hernandez for allegedly weaving into traffic on Boulevard in Edmond.

Police Spokesperson Glynda Chu said, “He took him on a quick pursuit in the vehicle. Then he jumped out of the car and the real pursuit began.”

Authorities say Hernandez bailed out of the car and bolted down an alley, leaping fences in a desperate attempt to escape.

According to Chu, “Basically the officer had to chase him over three fences and tackle him several times.”

When the suspect refused to surrender, the officer was forced to use his taser three times before Hernandez finally waved the white flag.

Ohmart laughed, “It’s pretty crazy. He should have just stopped and given up.”

Gavio Hernandez was taken to the hospital then jail.

When asked why he tried to run, the 22 year old with no previous record in Edmond said he was afraid he’d be arrested because he was driving without a valid license.

Chu said, “The moral of the story, if the officer says stop, you stop!”

Hernandez is facing several felony charges, including obstructing an officer, DUI and driving without a valid license.

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