OU coach’s tweet stirring up controversy

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OKLAHOMA CITY — This tweet is becoming a hot topic: “This is Coach Jay Norvell from Oklahoma. Cell (405) XXX-XXXX Would like to offer you a Full Scholarship to Oklahoma. Call me!”

At first glance this tweet may look like an indication of a potentially bright future for a young football player but this tweet is a little out of season.

Many people are considering this a violation of collegiate sporting rules.

It was sent from Jay Norvell’s account, the offensive coordinator for the OU football team.

It was addressed to six different players across the country.

Some believe the public tweet was supposed to be sent as a direct message to the recruits but was sent to everyone.

We stopped by Buffalo Wild Wings on Northwest Expressway to see what sports fans had to say about the apparent oops.

There was a wide range of responses.

“He should be punished because he should know right from wrong,” one person said.

“It probably shouldn’t have happened, the guy should know better but it happens,” another person said.

Lifetime OU fans say it’s a forgivable mistake.

“I’ve been around the OU program, they’re human and make mistakes just like everybody else,” one fan said.

On its website the NCAA states: “(We) do not allow comments about possible recruits on an institution’s social media page or a page belonging to someone affiliated with the institution.” 

There are also very strict guidelines forbidding coaches of any type of recruiting during the off season.

We made several attempts to contact OU about the tweet but did not hear back from anyone at the university.

We’re checking with the NCAA about any disciplinary action that might be taken.

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