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Man wants to change plea in officer’s attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A change of heart for a man convicted in the beating of an off duty police officer. Just a few weeks after pleading guilty to the crime, Cadmio Lopez tried to withdraw his plea.

It’s been more than a year since Chad Peery was left paralyzed while trying to remove rowdy patrons from a metro bar.

Three men were arrested and charged in connection with the beating.  

Last month Cadmio Lopez received 15 years in prison for the crime.

Friday the judge ruled Lopez could not reverse his guilty plea; that left Lopez frustrated.

“It’s a joke. I didn’t do anything,” Lopez said. 

“You know the court system is working the best it can. I’m pleased with the ruling.  I look forward to getting it behind us,” Peery said.

Video of the crime shows Lopez holding back a crowd from helping Peery. 

Two weeks ago, one of the men accused of repeatedly punching Peery, Jimmy Smith, got 10 years behind bars.

That deal left Lopez looking to lessen the extra five years on his sentence.

“The key to understanding a plea is it’s like a contract,” attorney Robert McCampbell said.

McCampbell isn’t involved in the case but says the judge’s decision is proper because Lopez voluntarily entered his guilty plea.

“You are not free, as a defendant, to simply change your mind a month later,” MacCampbell said.

Peery, who returned to his daily rehab after the latest court hearing, looks forward to finishing all legal cases and moving on.

“It seems never-ending. Every time you have to sit through this, it takes away from other things you could be doing,” Peery said.

Lopez can still appeal the judge’s decision.

The case against the third attacker, Joshua Rinken, remains up in the air. 

His trial date is currently on hold.