OK native chooses Team Blake on The Voice

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OKLAHOMA CITY — On the last night of blind auditions during the second season of NBC’s The Voice, Tulsa native Adley Stump made her debut for the judges. During her audition, both Christina Aguliera and Blake Shelton turned around for Stump.

She said she followed her heart and chose fellow Oklahoman Shelton to lead her to voice victory. 

Stump is a recent OSU grad, who up until a few months ago, played in bars around Stillwater.

She got her start singing after she decided to audition for a sorority event at OSU.

“One day one of my friends dared me to try out for a solo and well, I’ll take a dare from anybody,” Stump said of that first audition.

Best friend Becky Wheeler remembers it clearly.

“I think my mouth literally hit the floor. I mean, she did this and it was absolutely one of the most amazing sounds I have ever heard. It was so powerful and it was so beautiful,” Wheeler said.

From that moment, things changed for Adley.

“I felt like a little torch had been lit in my life that I just wanted to go start a wildfire with, but I never thought I would pursue it as a career. I just started playing at Willies Saloon, down the street, just for fun, just for my friends,” Stump said.

Willie’s Saloon happens to be the very place that launched Garth Brooks.

“I usually would just play with a guitar player,” Stump said of her first days at the bar.

Stump often sang in front of crowd that filled the old seats inside the main bar.

It became something of a monthly tradition.

Now Adley enters the battle round, competing against other singers to becoming The Voice.