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Commercial kid steals hearts

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EDMOND, Okla. — Just like the Jackson Five, every group has its “Michael.” Bryden Mcpherson is the newest media darling following a TV spot for Edmond Hyundai. Like most 4 year olds, he enjoys coloring and video games.

But when the music cranks up, Bryden becomes a dancing machine. He loves that jingle.

“Edmond Huyndaiiiiiiii. That’s silly,” he said.

The folks at Boiling Point Media Advertising thought they’d make that catchy commercial a bit more endearing, so they encouraged the sales staff to bring their children in for a new spot.

Bryden’s mom, Allison, said, “He was told to say “Edmond Hyundai” and he kept saying ‘Edmond Mama’ and just kept being ornery so they told him, ‘just dance Bryden.'”

Yes! A blown line lead to instant stardom for the precocious Pre-k. 

According to his dad, Michael, “People make a big deal out if it like he’s a big movie star or something. Disbelief that he’s the kid on the TV, you know?”

Everywhere the family goes, folks are recognizing Bryden as “that kid from the commercial.”

Mrs. McPherson said, “He is recognized. We went to the park and a lady asked, ‘do I know him?'”

Bryden, it seems, is the new, fresh face of Edmond Hyundai. 

He’s been so good for business, other commercial opportunities are emerging.

His dad said, “I don’t know what we’re going to do next.”