Firefighters return to work after collapse

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Three Oklahoma City firefighters injured in the line of duty returned to work Wednesday. They were injured when the floor collapsed a burned building where they were working. The firefighters were inside the 10th Street Flea Market putting out hot spots when all of the sudden the floor fell right out from under them.

Firefighter Jimmy Poplin says, “We didn’t have any indicators the roof was weakening in any way.”

Firefighter Bo Woodard says, “I remember after we fell Josh called out my name.”

Firefighter Josh Pearcy says, “The fall was in slow motion. You get to the bottom and it’s a slow, OK everything moves, everything works.”

Three Oklahoma City firefighters all now back at work less than 48 hours after the collapse.

It was a scary scene Monday afternoon as they were working on putting out hot spots at a fire at Northwest 10th St. and Meridian Ave.

Firefighters rushed to their colleagues aid.

Josh Pearcy was the first to walk out of the building.

He says, “They talk about it and we go through training, but it’s something you hope never happens.”

Josh and Bo Woodard were both treated at the scene.

The two firefighters suffered only minor bumps and bruises.

Bo says, “Looking back, it all went pretty quick. Fall down, find out you’re OK. Find out Josh is OK, then try to help your other co-worker.”

Fellow Firefighter Jimmy Poplin took the worst fall.

The 15-year veteran was buried under some of the debris and had to be taken out on a stretcher.

He was rushed to the hospital for concerns about his right knee and left hand.

Jimmy says Josh actually fell on top of him.

His trip on the stretcher was shown live on TV, so he made sure to call his wife from inside the ambulance and let her know he was going to be OK.

All three consider themselves lucky not only to be alive, but to be able to return to work so quickly.

Jimmy says, “It could have been so much different. We are very fortunate, lucky that we all walked away from it.”

Josh and Bo were cleared by doctors Monday night, but were given yesterday off work.

Jimmy did have to see an orthopedic specialist Tuesday about his knee, just as a precaution.

That doctor cleared him to return to work.