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GRAPHIC: School fight video raising security questions

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. — Cell phone video of a violent fight at Midwest City High School is making the rounds on youtube. The fight happened back in December, but the video is just now surfacing. The fight started at the top of a flight of stairs just as school was getting out for the day. 

Two boys start throwing punches and pretty soon they’re tumbling down the stairs. 

The brawl continues midway down where it appears one of the boys has given up. 

He just lies on the floor while the other continues pummeling him. 

And then, while the one boy remains motionless, the other raises his foot and stomps on his face, not once, but twice.

“For him to stomp his face in and then to get knocked out by it? That’s pretty harsh,” Corey Wood said, a former student who watched the video of the fight. 

Something else that alarmed some who watched the youtube video, during the entire fight, which lasts a minute and a half; not one teacher, faculty member or other adult shows up, despite the yelling of the crowd. 

“I would’ve thought teachers would have intervened pretty quickly. I mean, it was kind of a long fight for nothing to happen and students videotaping it and nobody getting help,” another former student said who didn’t want to be identified.

“Is it kind of scary that no one was there? Yes, but I mean those kids knew better,” Robert Walker said, whose daughter goes to Midwest City High School. 

Walker had heard about the fight, but didn’t know the extent of it until we showed him the video. 

He was also surprised to learn the boy who carried out the beating never faced any criminal charges. 

Another former student, who didn’t want to be identified, felt that was wrong.  “Something should’ve happened. He shouldn’t have just got away with it. I mean it was a pretty rough beating.” 

School officials said the principal was there right after the video stopped rolling. 

They said discipline was instant and that one of the students no longer attends Midwest City High School. 

They also said they didn’t inform the police department because neither set of parents wanted to press charges.