OK in for long allergy season

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The wind is great for those auto dealership streamers and waving Ol’ Glory but it’s awful for allergy sufferers like Deborah Bentley. Bentley said, “It’s miserable. My whole family suffers so we have lots of over the counter medicine at our house.”

Dr. William Smith is seeing a steady stream of patients who are all suffering from the same symptoms, post nasal drip, sinus infections and cedar fever.      

Dr. Smith told us, “Certainly most of the cedar pollens we’re seeing over the last month are early to have the levels we’re having right now.”

More bad news, doctors say the junk in the air isn’t really coming from Oklahoma cedars yet; a south wind is blowing it up from Texas.

That could make this an especially long and miserable allergy season.

Oklahoma trees and plants are just beginning to bloom, meaning the next several weeks could be brutal.

Smith said, “Probably after spring break we see our dogwoods and other trees start pollinating. But I’m telling people to get on their allergy meds now and just keep taking them right up ’til summer probably.”