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Flashing lights causing wrecks, traffic jams

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Traffic light trouble at a major intersection in northwest Oklahoma City has led to congestion and frustration for motorists this week. The problem is at the intersection of Memorial and MacArthur Ave. where red lights have been flashing for days.

Phil Abbott says, “I travel from Yukon every day to get to work and I work at one of the hospitals down the street and we, I try to get off. It can be a 10 minute, sometimes 15 minute wait to get through the light.”

The blinking has been bothering drivers since Sunday and the spot has been the site of a few fender benders since.

Abbott says sometimes traffic backs up on the off-ramp all the way back onto the turnpike.

He says, “I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long [to fix]. Apparently the city doesn’t seem to realize if there is an issue with an ambulance or an emergency vehicle, they can’t get through.”

OKC Spokesperson Kristy says, “We are very aware of the safety issues that having a light down causes and so that becomes a priority for the city. We’ve been working on it ever since we were alerted of the issue.”

Yeager says crews have already poured the concrete and will be installing a new light and mast as soon as the concrete cures.

She says crews will be out over the weekend to finish the project.

It’s not clear what caused the original problem.

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