Puppies rescued, need loving homes

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Camelot, Durango and Danny, they are among the sweet, yet critically ill animals that were recently rescued from deplorable conditions.  Homebound Pug Rescue volunteer Gail Tucker said, “It’s a killer. I try not to tear up too often but it’s a very bad situation. Good food, care and nutrition could have prevented the situation we’re in right now.”

Dozens of pugs, some pregnant, were removed from an Oklahoma backyard breeder. 

The owner voluntarily surrendered the dogs recently when she became overwhelmed. 

Homeward Bound Pug Rescue is now nurturing these sick animals who suffer from a variety of injuries and ailments, like mange.

Volunteer Joy Lucas said, “This is not contagious. It just takes a long time to heal. It’s a little mite under the skin that eats away and it itches.”

There are half a dozen pups in doggie ICU and vets at Neel Vet Clinic are getting them all updated on exams, vaccinations, spay and neutering.

One vet told us, “They bounce back pretty good with just a little bit of care.”

The ultimate goal is to get these loving pets well enough to adopt.

It could take weeks and thousands of dollars before all will be ready for a permanent home.

Tucker said, “That’s going to be a happy ending for them.”

LINK: Want to adopt one? Get more info here.