Pair arrested for stealing, selling thousands in library books

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Prosecutors investigate an unusual theft in the metro. Oklahoma County prosecutors have charged two people with stealing thousands of dollars of library books. The suspects are accused of trying to sell those books at local used book stores.

The suspects both face one count of embezzlement.

In all, the pair allegedly stole more than $5,000 in library books.

Everyday people sell their old books at Half Price Books.

Last year one man, Glenn Smith, made several trips to the store to try and sell allegedly stolen library books.

“I think he may have been in a few times before we caught on that he had so much material that was discarded,” Half Price Books assistant manager Andrew Vaughan said.

Andrew says managers at the book store eventually became suspicious and alerted the library system to the crime.

“It is definitely disappointing when someone tries to take advantage of the system,” Vaughan said.

Prosecutors say starting at Capitol Hill library, Smith checked out 20 books and DVDs. 

Later that same day, Smith allegedly sold 13 of those items at Half Price Books.

Around the same time, at the Belle Isle library, the downtown library, the Village library and several others, Denise Goodman allegedly committed the same crime.

“That’s sad. Thousands of dollars of books? That’s not cool,” one library patron said.

Prosecutors claim the pair were able to check out thousands of dollars in books because they used library cards for 10 different kids.

“I mean, it’s an interesting idea. I’m just glad they got caught,” another library patron said.

According to court records, many of the missing items haven’t been returned to the library system.

Although the Half Price store did return the stolen books they received.